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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Terry Knight and the Pack

I don't think I've ever posted these before, here we have, compliments of John N, the two official album
releases of Terry Knight and the's a well known story, but Terry Knight was the "genius" behind Grand Funk Railroad (Mark Farner and Don Brewer were members of The Pack, bassist Mel Schacher from Question Mark and the Mysterians joined them to form GFR)......Knight managed GFR in their early days, I seem to recall that early on, Knight actually waived a fee for GFR to perform at some large festival...anyway, prior to all that, Terry Knight and the pack put out two solid albums of great garage punk, don't let the GFR connection scare you off (myself I loved me some GFR)......The first (self titled) LP is the better of the two, it's a solid disc with the dark "I (Who Have Nothing)" (their best known tune), while "Reflections" is, despite a couple of "moments", kind of forced and is fairly hilarious to listen to in 2016 ("Love Goddess of the Sunset Strip")

(one link for both albums)

TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-01 Numbers/02 What's On Your Mind/03 Where Do You Go/04 You're a Better Man Than I/05 Lovin' Kind/06 The Shut In/07 Got Love/08 A Change on the Way/09 Lady Jane/10 Sleep Talkin'/11 I've Been Told/12 I (Who Have Nothing)

REFLECTIONS-01 One Monkey Don't Stop No Show/02 Love, Love, Love, Love/03 Come With Me/04 Got to Find My Baby/05 This Precious Time/06 Anybody's Apple Tree/07 The Train/08 Dimestore Debutante/09 Dirty Lady/10 Love Goddess of the Sunset Strip/11 Forever and a Day/12 Satisfaction



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