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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Executive Slacks

OK, this is one of those times where a band is submitted to this site, with whom I am not at all familiar, but
sounds interesting.....Executive Slacks are described, in general, as an early 80's industrial rock act, John N generously sends us a comp of their "Complete Recordings".....he's a wonderful contributor, really, often, sending things to me with which I am not familiar, or have forgotten about completely (geez, sorry, it happens)......So I carpet-bombed a little of this earlier, and it sounds "different" enough that we should probably share it, it fits the (so-called) format here.....I enjoyed what I listened to, really I did, like a "grandfather" to more modern stuff like NIN or Ministry......maybe not EXACTLY, but, i8s some more stuff that I am not familiar with, if YOU are, well, you are more in tune than am I, but still......thanks John N for another tremendous are a fantastic help with selecting material to use for this blog, please believe me!

COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1982-86 DISC 1-01 The Bus/02 30 Years/03 Cinema/04 So Mote It Be/05 Sexual Witchcraft/06 Our Lady/07 Man of Christ/08 I'm Coming/09 Our Lady (Yoof Dub)/10 In And Out/11 Spiders/12 Nausea/13 Magot/14 Smoking Man/15 Electric Blues/16 Ecce Homo/17 Sisyphus/18 Old/19 The Park/20 In And Out (Remix)

COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1982-86 DISC 2-01 RJ Sexgod Extraordinaire/02 Fire & Ice/03 Sludge/04 Wide Fields/05 The Bush/06 Say It Isn't So/07 Ed Gein/08 Solemen Dilemma/ 09 A Little Lower/10 Rock N Roll/11 Ecce Homo (Live)/12 The Bus (Live)/13 Man of Christ (Live)/14 I'm Coming (Live)/15 Say It Isn't So (7" Version)/16 Rock N Roll (remix)

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