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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dead Horse One

Didn't know jack about this band (sent to me, of course, by the blogger legend that is John N)......this French band, Dead Horse One, provides us with a fantastic album of the dreamy, noisy rock n roll that I think is symbolic of the era in which we live......again, future classics perhaps, if people wake up in the next ten years or son....this is REALLY phenominal, a NEW RELEASE, get it?, so you know what you MIGHT need to do.....I hope not, really hope this one cans stay up for a while cause I REALLY like it....for me, its the kind of (new) music I've been listening to of late, and where I think the immediate future of rock n roll is headed........TREMENDOUS stuff on this album, you'll see what I mean......Hell, this type of sound is kind of taking over the blog, at least when it comes to NEW music, and I couldn't be more thrilled......yet ANOTHER for year end list consideration, and I know I have enjoyed every second of it. Thanks a million John N, we already know you are great, but let me tell are great. Tremendous submission!

SEASON OF MIST-01 Insight/02 Season of Mist/03 Mesmerize Me/04 Disconnected/05 Today/06 Mantis/07 Sharon/08 It's Been a While/09 Sons of God/10 Forget About Jesus

This is a good one, please don't overlook it.......BigScott SAY SO!

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