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Friday, November 11, 2016


Ok, last one for today, and again I am not 100% certain who sent me this one, although I'd give odds it was likely John N.......enjoyable album, really, dark, creepy....the UK, I gather that this is not their first release, but it IS the only one happen to have.......this is yet ANOTHER 2016 release, and by now you know what THAT means.......I liked this one, influenced by maybe NIN and perhaps Bowie ca. "Berlin" just gives you that same creepy feeling that "Berlin" and some of the classic NIN albums send through your spine.

Enjoyed this one, probably not year-end best-of material, but worth giving a listen too.....again, I know this is NOT their first release, so if anyone happens to have any earlier releases, please come forward!

IDENTITY-01 Identity/02 Anytime/03 Dark Dark/04 I Know You So Well/05 Good Day/06 Frenzy/07 Edging Out/08 Always/09 Palm of Her Hand/10 200/11 Black & White/12 Hide Yourself



  2. i look forward to hearing this one after your winning description of it. as usual, regards and thank you