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Friday, November 25, 2016

The Features

John N sends me this one, originally released in 1980...I was totally unfamiliar with this one, never heard of it, despite my age, pre-disposition, etc......anyway, when someone sends me something with which I was not in tune at all, I generally investigate, and this New Zealand band caught me ear......

This kind of odd-ball band sounds most like Public Image Limited or maybe Wire, even the Vibrators at times , neither of which was a band's odd to me that I haven't been hipped to them in the last 30 years, but you know Scott, behind curve most of the time.......please give this one a listen for me, 80's fans, punk fans, no-wave fans, stuff like that.....this album ("X Features") was released sometime in the late 00's......

Wow....I found a new gem today, ya just never know......please don't give me shit if you know all about this band and shit, bully for you, but I don't, being honest......if you are down with this, and you have more material, well,you KNOW what to do, right?

X FEATURES-01 City Scenes/02 Secret/03 Police Wheels/04 Party/05 What Are You Doing Tonight/06 Mirror/07 Toilet/08 Victim/09 Rescue/10 Here We Come/11 Get It Right/12 I've Had Enough/13 Wrecks/14 Stage



  2. now rip, then chew, digest, repeat
    it's a keeper
    this compiles their entire catalog

  3. Good to see something from my home country here. I've been enjoying this blog a lot recently & discovered some new things along the way. Thanks to all involved.