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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This one band also played in Mexico

That they did, also in 2016, just like they did in Cuba (see previous post re: This one band)
I wonder if anyone even showed up to see such a bunch of anonymous strangers. It is great that kids like this can get the chance for some exposure. I can't think of their name, hope you can guess it (oh MY GOD I am so fucking clever!), but you never know, these guys just might be big stars some day.

Link found in outer space.

DISC 1-01 Opening/02 Start Me Up/03 It's Only Rock N Roll/04 Tumbling Dice/05 Out of Control/06 Street Fighting Man/07 Wild Horses/08 Paint It Black/09 Honky Tonk Women/10 Band Intro/11 You Got the Silver/12 Before They Make Me Run/13 Midnight Rambler

DISC 2-01 Miss You/02 Gimme Shelter/03 Jumpin Jack Flash/04 Sympathy for the Devil/05 Brown Sugar/06 You Can't Always Get What You Want/07 Satisfaction/ 08 (Soundcheck) Street Fighting Man #1/09 (Soundcheck) Street Fighting Man/10 (Soundcheck) You Can't Always Get What You Want



  2. saw these guys in mobile alabama, 72 tour.........fucking amazing. again in new orleans in 81. speaking of grand funk earlier, i saw them at the veterans memorial in columbus, ohio with mad river and hammer on the bill. what a fucking show. saw them at crosley fields too with the moody blues, traffic, mountain, alice cooper and the fucking stooges back in 1970. i didn't need gfr after that