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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Red Lama

(scott) A new (2016) release from Denmark's Red Lama, also compliments of the great John N,
 this is a DAMNED EXCELLENT modern-daypsych album; and, as modern-day paych does, this incorporatesthe old/original spirit of 60's psychedeliawith latter-daynoise/shoegaze stuff, which, in my opinion (only) is sort of the future for lovers of hard rock and its trends...actually I feel it's a sound that is developing right before our ears....likely I am full of shit on that, BUT , regardless, this is a REALLY good album, almost guaranteed to be year-end material....I really found it to be excellent!

DREAMS ARE FREE-1. Inca/ 2. Sonic Revolution/ 3. The World is Yours/ 4. Mont Ventoux/ 5. Dar Enteha/ 6. Mekong River/ 7. Dalai Delay

I highly recommend this one, psych/hard rock lovers.......I had to listen to this one in its entirety (rather than my traditional "carpet bomb") because it caught my ear so much.......AND, since it's new, MIGHT want to act quickly, because we never know.....but you check this one and see if I ain't right!

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