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Monday, November 7, 2016

Lords of the North

Seattle Washington is the home of Lords of the North.....can't say I know a lot about them, all I have is this demo (2008)......HOWEVER, this demo rocks like a motherfucker imo.....maybe you disagree, or whatever, but to these ears, this is some pretty decent doom/sludge/grunge rock......"Follow the Falcon"  and "Beams of Light" are pretty damn good hard rockers, frankly, I enjoyed the whole album.....I think it's pretty damn good.......I honestly don't know (without checking) whether they ever released a "proper" LP or not, but as I said, this demo rocks it for me, see if you agree, but I'm in the corner that says this one is pretty badass.

LORDS OF THE NORTH-01 Souls Come Rising/02 Follow the Falcon/03 Beams of Light/04 Steam Caves/05 Loyal Legion/06 The March

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