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Friday, November 11, 2016


John N sends me this one as well, a 2016 release from Portland's's pretty good, very listenable...what we have here is some art/post-punk stuff with VERY deadpan female vocals, herky-jerky rythem changes, sort of like maybe a not as frantic Yeah Yeah Yeahs......maybe a cross between that and retro-80's new wave/pop, if that is a confusing enough description for ya....anyway, I like to put up nwe stuff whenever I can as well as old, this album will appeal to some, maybe NOT to some as well....I give it a solid 3 stars, well, between 2.5 and 3, no classic, but some really good tracks ("Shees", "Lizard", and more)'s a fairly solid effort........I know they've released some other stuff, but this is my first introduction to to maybe hear more if anyone has any of the previous releases.

BORROWED FLOORS-01 Burn On Burn/02 Labor/03 Thing In Your Eye/04 Human Doctor/05 Shees/06 Metal Helmet/07 Lizard/08 African Ask/09 The Snake/10 Seven People



  2. Fantastic art punk band from Portland with deadpan female vocals, dissonant guitars, rolling bass lines and herky-jerky rhythms that remind me of 80's bands like Pylon and early Devo, but mostly BUSH TETRAS (who are incredible!), as well as more recent bands like Shopping and Ethical Debating Society. I like this one a LOT! Recommended.