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Friday, November 25, 2016


OK,a here is the story behind this. The other day I posted the early-70's krautrock LP from Harmonia "Deluxe" response, my longtime good friend Ruben Chandler sent me a link to a site containing "their" discography.......well, another astute reader picked up on the fact that Ruben's link was not actually for "Harmonia", but for "Harmonium", a prog rock band from Canada at EXACTLY the same time in history (early 70's)......ok, so what? Why waste a good link? Haven't listened yet myself, but, ya go. Certainly early 70's prog-rock has as nearly as much following around here as does early 70's krautrock, certainly they were cousins to say the least, so what the hell? I'm not posting tracklists or anything, but if you've spent your last few years seeking out the Canadian band Harmonium, here are links to most of their stuff (if not all) and we have Ruben Chandler to thank for it!

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