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Friday, November 11, 2016


Once again, unsure who sent me this (I apologize, I am horribly unorganized)....I suspect John N but  I am unsure, lost the tag......anyway, here is some good loud/fast punk rock from The's no classic, but it is GOOD, screamed. hoarse female vocals, sloppy punk back-noise......what more could you want? Reminds me a bit of the Distillers if you need a reference point, pretty damn good though......another of those tricky 2016 releases, so if ya want know the rap........good punk album, "Nightmare" in particular, bit there are highlights all over the place.

STAY PUT-01 Head Shears/02 On the Chin/03 Hit & Miss/04 Nightmare/05 Stand In Line/06 Big Wave/ 07 Dead of Night/08 Sometimes/09 Staring Back/10 Illusive Paradise/11 Such a Drag/12 In Vain




  3. yup, John N sent this out last JUNE -- that dude must really be sending out too much stuff if you're going back to JUNE - LOL [like there's really ever too much stuff] -- and that buzzsaw vocal is indeed a female, almost unbelievably so, fun fun