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Friday, November 25, 2016

A blast from the past, Curve

Are you familiar with the band Curve? A UK alt/electronic duo (Toni Halliday (vocals, "occasional" guitars) and Dean Garcia (bass, guitar, drums).....they remind me a GOOD bit of a USA favorite of mine from several years later, Mommy and Daddy, which as much as I liked Mommy and Daddy, that is certainly a good thing......"Public Fruit" is a compilation release of their early EP's, released prior to their full-lengt release, "Doppleganger" my shock, I don't have it OR any of their other stuff, thanks a zillion to the great John N for sending "Public Fruit" and reminding me about them, as this is really good IMO.....

"Public Fruit" compiles the EP's "The Blindfold", "The Frozen" and "The Cherry", all of which were relesed before the previously mentioned debut.....dreamy, hypnotic, rocking, and CERTAINLY a version of Mommy and Daddy YEARS before Mommy and Daddy ever appeared (M&D REALLY ARE  a huge fave of mine!)......

OK, here's the deal....I used to have the Curve albums, at least the early ones, I went to post them and it seems they are no longer with they loaned out and not returned, lost somewhere in a move, or whatever, fact is they aren't there.....I really did like these albums (as I do the fab "Public Fruit", thanks John N), but can ANYONE in the blogosphere help me out with this one? Good albums, good music, if you have them and can send them this way I promise I will share them with everyone......PLEASE help if you can, this is a band whose stuff I really don't want to be without!

PUBLIC FRUIT-01 Ten Little Girls/02 I Speak Your Every Word/03 Blindfold/04 No Escape From Heaven/05 Coast Is Clear/06 The Colour Hurts/07 Frozen/08 Zoo/09 Clipped/10 Die Like a Dog/11 Galaxy/12 Cherry/13 'Faît Accompli Extended Extended Extended'

Again, I'd REALLY appreciate some help with this one, if anyone is able.....I hope in the meantime, you enjoy this EP compilation, it's GREAT me, you want one!



  2. Hey Scott, check here -

  3. based on the previous submissions presented, something tells me that John N probably has their entire catalog in decent quality mp3 (320), like most all of his submissions I've noted so far

  4. CURVE -- tremendous band -- sonic shoegaze with hooks -- they were 4 years ahead of Garbage and were an obvious influence, and as you said, way before (10+ years) of Mommy and Daddy, and others in the genre. They are terrific, thanks for reminding me to play this one! It's terrific.

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  6. Curve, all at 320
    Come Clean
    Open Day At The Hate Fest
    Pubic Fruit
    The New Adventures of Curve
    The Way of Curve

  7. It's actually ''PUBIC FRUIT'' not 'PUBLIC' :)

  8. I was about to delve into my own stash, as a new found friend, as of the past week, I decided to start from the beginning, your first post, Mommy and Daddy, sadly no longer exists, but it set me off on a quest, so I appreciate that. What an amazing blog, gotta say that again. And it's so well done that people actually assust you, anad send you submissions, thats just anmazing, Here's to you never losing the passion you have for music, which is shared by many who follow you.
    KUDOS GbFaL!

  9. From Anonymous Max!

    Faît Accompli

    Horror Head

  10. How about you head to and actually buy some of their music, if you love it so much. Give some money back to Toni and Dean. They completely deserve it.