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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Well, how about ANOTHER selection generously sent our way from the galaxy's leading link-sharing machine, John N......well, how about some indy-pop ("Bright/Sunny") from Talkies, the third John N submission in a row with which I was unfamiliar (I think maybe  a cassette-only release, not certain)......fairly decent power-poppish stuff  . They are from the Bay area, I'm listening to it this minute and it reminds me of sort of semi-hard 1980's power pop.....not bad, also no classic-in-waiting......a few good tracks (notably "Breaking Character").......good enough album, worth a listen, although I was a bit disappointed that "She Comes In Colors" was NOT a cover of the Love classic, but some dimwit's "original", oh well, what are ya gonna do? Oh well, it is a listenable effort as I said before.....power pop fans I recommend this to you.

BRIGHT/SUNNY-01 Something For the Boy/02 Personal Matter/03 Break Character/04 I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend/05 Got Used To/06 Take It (For Yourself)/07 Distortion Free/08 Who Does He Think He Was/09 She Comes In Colors/10 I Hate Myself (And Everyone Else)/11 The Right Thing/12 Coldest Day/13 Vanishing/14 What We Don't Know/15 Parties Without Tears

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