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Monday, November 14, 2016


Not sure who sent me this one, REALLY sorry to whomever did.......I was unfamiliar with this band, looked them up and couldn't find a hell of a lot of info, but apparently they are from the UK, and this alabum (self titled) is a 2015's so-so, the singer is GENUINELY annoying, but one of my friends liked it enough to share it with us, so lt's ALL be grateful......simply put, some Iron Maiden-style, 1980's type of European metal.......I've been listening to it, and it's not a horrible effort, it's OK, hey if you are a metal head, rejoice, you most likely might enjoy this a bit, that singer annoys me to the point I will likely NOT listen to it again, but, hey, if you grew up in the 80's (I grew up in the 70's, junior), this is the kinda metal you were raised upon, and this band does a fair job of recreating that sound.....I suspect Spider probably sent me this one, but unsure, and again, I apologize, and if the submitter will identify his/herself, I will properly credit him/her!

SHADOWLAND-01 Camp Crystal Lake/02 Curse of the Black Plague/03 Svartbekken/04 I Am Ted/05 The Pit and the Pendulum/06 Exorcism

My fave is "Svartbekken" if you care.......

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