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Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Box Set, Early Years of a British Band

This is today's "big" submission, from the John N collection, of we have 11 discs of Pink Floyd from 1967-72.....quite a slew of fine stuff, live and studio recordings both......I have really always liked Floyd from this period, one could REALLY hear the seeds of "Dark Side of the Moon", "Animals", "Wish You Were Here", etc.....this set is really fine for anyone wishing to understand the roots of one of the great UK bands of them all.

DISC 1- 1965-67 CAMBRIDGE STATION DISC 1-01 Lucy Leave/02 Double O Bo/03 Remember Me/04 Walk With Me Sydney/05 Butterfly/06 I'm a Kingbee/07 Arnold Layne/08 See Emily Play/09 Apples and Oranges/10 Candy and a Currant Bun/11 Paintbox/12 Matilda Mother (2010 Mix)/13 Jugband Blues (2010 Mix)/14 In the Beechwoods (2010 Mix)/15 Vegetable Man (2010 Mix)/16 Scream Thy Last Scream (2010 Mix)

DISC 2-1965-67 CAMBRIDGE STATION DISC 2-01 Introduction/02 Reaction In G/03 Matilda Mother/04 Pow R. Toc H./05 Scream Thy Last Scream/06 Set the Controls For the heart of the Sun/07 See Emily Play/08 Interstellar Overdrive/09 John Latham Version 1/10 John Latham Version 2/11 John Latham Version 3/12  John Latham Version 4/13  John Latham Version 5/14  John Latham Version 6/15  John Latham Version 7/16  John Latham Version 8/17  John Latham Version 9

DISC 3-1968 GERMIN-ATION-01 Point Me at the Sky/02 It Would be So Nice/03 Julia Dream/04 Careful With that Axe Eugene (single version)/05 Song 1/06 Roger's Boogie/07 Murderotic Woman (Careful With That Axe Eugene) (BBC)/08 The Massed Gadgets of Hercules/09 Let There be More Light (BBC)/10 Julia Dream (BBC)/11 Point Me at the Sky (BBC)/12 Embryo (BBC)/13 Interstellar Overdrive  (BBC)

DISC 4-1969 DRAMATIS/ATION DISC 1-01 Hollywood/02 Theme (alt.)/03 More Blues (alt.)/04 Seabirds/05 Embryo/06 Grantchester Meadows/07 Cymbaline/08 The Narrow Way (BBC)/09 Green is the Color (BBC)/10 Careful With That Axe Eugene (BBC)/11 Interstellar Overdrive/12 Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun/13 Careful With That Axe Eugene/14 A Saucerful of Secrets

DISC 5-1969 DRAMATIS/ATION DISC 2-01 Daybreak/02 Work/03 Afternoon (Biding My Time)/04
Doing it/05 Sleeping/06 Nightmare/07 Labyrinth/08 The Beginning (Green is the Color)/10 The Narrow Way Part 3/11 The Pink jungle (Pow R. Toc H.)/12 The Labyrinths of Auximeans/13 Footsteps-Doors/14 Behold the Temple of Light/15 The End of the Beginning

DISC 6-1970 DEVI ATION DISC 1-01 Atom Heart Mother/02 Embryo/03 Fat Old Sun/04 Green Is the Colour/05 Careful With That Axe Eugene/06 If/07 Atom Heart Mother

DISC 7-1970 DEVI ATION DISC 2-01 On the Highway/02 Auto Scene Version 2/03 Auto Scene Version 3/04 Aearoplane/05 Explosion/06 The Riot Scene/07 Looking at Map/08 Love Scene Version 7/09 Love Scene Version 1/10 Take Off/11 Take Off Version 2/12 Love Scene Version 2/13 Love Scene Take 1/14 Unknown Song Take 1/15 Love Scene Take 2/16 Crumbling Land/17 Atom Heart Mother

DISC 8-1971 REVERBERATION-01 Nothing Part 14/02 Fat Old Sun/03 One of These Days/04 Embryo/05 Echoes

DISC 9-1972 OBFUSC ATION DISC 1-01 Obscurred By Clouds/02 When You're In/03 Burning Bridges/04 The Gold It's In the.../05 Wot's...Uh The Deal/06 Mudmen/07 Childhood's End/08 Free Four/09 Stay/10 Absolutely Curtains

DISC 10-1972 OBFUSC ATION DISC 2-01 Careful With That Axe Eugene/02 Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun/03 One of These Days/04 A Saucerful of Secrets/05 Echoes/06 Careful With That Axe Eugene

DISC 11-1967-72 CONTINU ATION BOX ONLY BONUS-01 Flaming/02 The Scarecrow/03 The Gnome/04 Matilda Mother/05 Reaction In G/06 Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun/07 Scream Thy Last Scream/08 Vegetable Man/09 Pow R. Toc H./10 Jugband Blues/11 Baby Blue Shuffle In D Minor/12 Blues/13 Ummagumma/14 Music From 'The Committee" Number 1/15 Music From "The Committee" Number 2/16 Moonhead/17 Echoes

Might act quickly if interested


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    1. Thanks a lot - will take a lot of listening!

  2. Thanks! That is A LOT of Syd that I can't wait to hear.

  3. Thank you very much, Just working my through it now!!!! Stunning, just stunning

  4. Awesome! Thank you kindly!

  5. xmas came early, thank you so very much ...

  6. Thank you thank you!

  7. Scott, you're doing the lord's work here day in and day out. Thanks for this and all the other awesome stuff you share on a continual basis. Now to compare these with the bootlegs and see how much tinkering they did for the official releases...

  8. World is becoming more and more fascist, it's raining, it's freezing... BUT you illuminate this november! Thanks a lot !
    Phil Free from France.

  9. Thanks to John N for acquisition and to you for sharing. A gold mine!

  10. This is a fantastic share and gift but, as a Windows 7 user the files are showing a lot of errors. I will be opening them on a Macbook instead.

  11. Thanks for this mega post Scott
    Should keep me busy for a while and possibly end up totally Floyd out :-)
    cheers from Down Under

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