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Monday, November 14, 2016

Garage Fuzz Part 10

I'm glad so many are enjoying the Garage Fuzz comps, It really is enormous and comprehensive and, I said before, I don't recall how I formatted it the first time, but it didn't really work I think how I'm doing it on "round 2" (alphabetically) may be a better method....and with that said, we are up to letter "J", ie, Part 10 of the series....."J' doesn't contain as much stuff as I thought it might, so it's a rather small batch, but, thre are more KILLER tracks on it, (like, say, ALL of them), so enjoy, and be looking for letter "K" in a day or two....

PART 10-01 JJ LANCASTER-So Unkind/02 JACK HENNIG AND THE BREAKING POINT GROUP-Maybe Tomorrow/03 JADE-I'm Leaving You/04 JADES 404-When Shadows Fall/05 JAMS AND JELLIES-For Your Love/06 JAY-JAYS-I Keep Trying/07 JEFFERSON LEE-Scorcella/08 JIMMY BURTON-Jimmy's Blues/09 JIMMY GORDON-Buzzzz/10 JIMMY WINSTON & HIS REFLECTIONS-Sorry She's Mine/11 JINX-Come on Up/12 JOHN HATTON & THE DEVOTIONS-I Should Be Ashamed/13 JONAH & THE WHALES-It's Great/14 JOYS OF LIFE-Descent/15 JURY-Who Dat



  2. Loving Garage Fuzz!!