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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Live Flaming Lips 10/6/16

A fave of mine, the Flaming Lips (from Oklahoma) are a real fave of mine, Jon S sends us a very cool boot of them in the act.......this is from the Heartland Festival, Denmark, 10/6/16.....I have no clue how many of my MEGA FLAMING LIPS links remain, it's been a while....I remmeber a lot of people asking what they were supposed to do with "Zaireka", the album that was a four disc set, meant to be played on four different stereos at once........actually it's great if you do it right........the Lips were one of the more innovative bands of the 90's-00's, great band, and a great live band as well........enjoy, this is a FANTASTIC Jon S Submission, and, as Bowie said once, "awwww look out, you rock n rollers" other words, I thin you likely WANT to hear this one, it's fab....

HEARTLAND FESTIVAL 10/6/16-01 Race For the Prize/02 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots/03 (banter)/04 The Gash/05 The Gold In the Mountain of Our Madness/06 Pompeii Am Gotterdamer/07 What Is the Light ?/08 The Observer/09 Waitin' For a Superman/10 Space Oddity/11 The W.A.N.D./12 (banter)/13 A Spoonful Weighs a Ton/14 Happy Birthday/15 Do You Realize


  1. Why not, but why a photo of Daltrey and Townshend of the Who ?

  2. HA! TRICKED YOU......actually those are the wacky guys from Flaming Lips, sporting disguises to look like the Who, no shit......either that or someone clicked on the wrong picture to upload!