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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A New Release From a 77-year Old......

(scott)-My Father passed away in 1990, at the young age of 47. He was born in 1942. If he were still living, he would be 73.......but he still would be 3-4 years younger than Ian Hunter, born in 1939 and still cranking them out for us, his latest album, "Fingers Crossed", is quite good, not a classic like his work with Mott or his early solo efforts, but pretty contains a (quite good) Bowie tribute, "Dandy", which quotes "All The Young Dudes" (written by Bowie for Mott), and also contains a handful of other moderately rocking tunes, notably "That's When Trouble Starts"........all in all a solid effort that I am glad to be able to say I have heard.

FINGERS CROSSED-01 That's When Trouble Starts/02 Dandy/03 Ghosts/04 Fingers Crossed/05 White House/06 Bow Street Runners/07 Morpheus/08 Stranded In Reality/09 You Can't Live in the Past/10 Long Time



  2. Ian Hunter is one of my heroes! Bravo for giving this underappreciated tunesmith some love!

  3. and he's still twice shy.......................thanks for this one bro