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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Flyying Colours redux

John N sends some more Flyying Colours......recently posted was their first full length (2016, "Mindfullness"), some pretty fair semi-hard rocking shoegaze/psych......

This submission comtains two EP's from prior to the release of the album, and these are special Japanese editions with a bonus track at the end of each EP........the first Flyying Colours post was surprisingly popular, so here you go, here is another dosage!

FCEPX2-01 01 Like You Said/02 Wavy Gravy/03 She Leaves/04 Feathers/05 Bugs/06 Such a Long Time (Japanese Bonus Track)/07 I Don't Want to Let You Down/08 Running Late/09 Not Today/10 In the End/11 Leaks/12 Leaks Remix (Japanese Bonus Track)



  2. These EPs are gargantuanly terrific stuff.

  3. Thanks for this and the album, great stuff cheers phil