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Friday, October 7, 2016

Acid Black Cherry

Acid Black Cherry is the name of the solo project of Japanese musician Yahu, after his band Janne Da Arc
disolved or whatever they  did......whatever, though, it's exciting to be able to provide you with three totall BANGIN albums of hard rock....(and you know my theory that non-English language shit is If you don't think so, sorry, but you are gonna hafta deal with that, because the three albums that I have here are PRETTY FUCKING GREAT, been listening to them today, some, and these are some DAMNED intersting Japanese pop/metal efforts, likely, unlike anything you've I can't know THAT for sure, but I do know this: these are three bad-ass albums.......see what you think, and of course, think about what we are trying to do here.....It's about the rock n roll, man........the rock n roll. That's how I was raised up, and it's gonna stay that way, until whatever, but you'll look like you just ain't in the groove should you miss these fucking fab me they fucking ROCK! I'm personally telling you, you don't want to miss these there great, fucking hard rocking albums!

(As always, when I have albums that are in a language that my computer won't replicate, well, I wind up with songs titled (MP3#1) or something like that......well, especially in this case.....if you miss these albums, it is your loss, as there is some great hard rock/alt pop on these sides......NOT fucking kidding around here, some great music, been really enjoying it today!

BLACK LIST-01 Sins/02 (Japanese Title)/03 Spell Magic/04 Scar/05 (Japanese Title)/06 Bit Stupid/07 (Japanese Title)/08 Black Cherry/09 Murder Licence/10 (Japanese Title)/11 Dragon Carnival/12 Prologue-End

QED-01 Mother/02 Cord name Justice/03 Jigsaw QED Version/04 mp3/05 mp3/06 mp3/07 1954 LOVE
HATE/08 I'm Not a Ghost/09 mp3/10 mp3/11 Maria/12 20 8Century Boys

RECREATION-01 Koi Hitoyo/02 mp3/03 mp3/04 mp3/05 Monochrome Venus/06 mp3/07 mp3/08 mp3/09 mp3/10 Beautiful Name

This stuff is not to be missed.......I really enjoyed he fuck out of it, seriously, I hope like fuck you do as well....NOT dicking around here, these are some fantastic hard rocking albums, just don't miss em coz you have a "thing" about non-English are three discs of it, and all three arae fucking SLAMMING!

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