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Friday, October 7, 2016

Jimmy & the Boys

And how about another early 1980's power-popping gem, this one from that fab land down under.......I had forgotten about this one, but sometimes when I'm thinking "what to post today", someimes my mind wanders to some strange, anyway, you know I love the strange power pop of the early 1980's, tp me, single albums from one-shot knockoffs like Jimmy & the Boys (this was actually their second effort, anyone have 1981's "Not Like Everybody Else"? Never heard a note of it, BUT after popping this one in after so many unheard years, I gotta say YES the power pop scene of the early 80's produced as many GREAT unknown albums as did, oh, say, the grunge rock of the early 90's, the glam of the mid 70's, of course, the killer heavy psych of the early 70's, the insane psych of the mid 60's, the stoner rock of more recent years....often times a scene "explodes" and it takes a whole to get the good albums sorted out.....

Actually a really good one here, hope you can find time to check this one, reminds me (EVER so slightly of maybe The Len Price Three), but this, like the rest of the  period pieces that I talk about so often, this, like so many, can stand on it's own.......good album, and a forgotten one as well........hey this is what i DO, right, I hope you guys get a crack at this album, it really IS a good one.

TEDDY BOYS PICNIC-01 Products of the Mind/02 Mirror Mirror/03 Get Off My Cloud/04 Brave New World/05 Teddy Boy's Picnic/06 They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me/07 Out of Phaze/08 Man of Steel/09 Love is Cheap/10 Pretty Boys/11 Don't Shoot

Tell ya what, this is a damn good album.......3.5 star maybe? I was really surprised that it was so much better than what I had remmebered......a REALLY good one, I say that a good bit, BUT when something happens to encapsulate an entire era/scene AND function as a fairly unknown gem, well, might just be me, but I thought that was why we all be here to begin with, right-o?

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