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Monday, October 3, 2016

"Anonymous" takes a name and submits Cohen boots!

(scott)- So our newest "Anonymous" contributor, who has provided us SO MUCH REM and PIXIES and
whatever else now sends us some Leonard Cohen boots to compliment Brian's large project.......and, unless he takes issue with it, he will henceforth be dubbed "Anonymous Max from the UK".........sounds like a cool moniker for a team member to me, and he says he has a LOT of stuff for us (later/down the road)...

He is a bit of  newbie at this so he asks the following question:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By the way, regarding other general links that I may want to send that aren't related to an existing artist that you've posted, what's the best way of doing this.....?

Do you also get a notification any time someone posts a comment on your site? 

Yep, I get notified whenever anyone leaves a comment......however that is NOT my preferred method. Seems like a good enough time to spell it out again, so here it preference is, should you have something you wish to have posted here, please DO NOT leave it in the comments, too much chance for it to get buried......instead, send links, text, pictures, whatever you want to MY email, this does is maks it easier on ME, I can edit/adjust whatever is needed, and I KNOW I will get to it if it's in my email file, I DO forget sometimes about stuff that gets left in "comments" I hope that is a satisfactory answer, please, submit ALL YOU WANT, it WILL get posted (takes me a minute sometimes but I get there), but it is SO much better to email your posts to me than to try to leave them in comments.........that way is still OK, don't get me wrong, BUT the preferred method is to use the email address listed above. if there are any problems, you can always feel free to phone me at my personal number of 937 206 9022, I'm happy to help out and the quality of this blog is important enough to me that calling me and discussing the best posting methods is certainly fine, if it will help you......the main point is ANY MUSIC YOU WANT TO POST, let's fucking get it POSTED. HERE!......we'l GET IT DONE, no excuses now, you have my email, you have my phone......I had 133 posts last month, let's kick that number in the ass for October!

Live @ Zürich Kongresshalle 21.05.1993 [CD 1]

Live @ Zürich Kongresshalle 21.05.1993 [CD 2]

Live In London [O2 Arena 17.07.2008] [CD 1]

Live In London [O2 Arena 17.07.2008] [CD 2]

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