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Monday, October 3, 2016

Wrapping up Lewdd's Buzzcocks boots

(scott) Don't worry though because he has sent me a TON of boots, Pistols, Clash, Damned and more, ALL
of which we will be getting too following the Buzzcocks......Lewdd has become a valuable submitter with these numerous punk boots, and I am thrilled to share them with everyone. So here is the last of them.......I don't know, maybe The Damned will be next?

Whatever, as before I cannot vouch for what kind of quality you may get here......could be good, could be not-so-good.......but we are ALWAYS appreciative for the shares we get here, it's rule #1, and I hope it is with you as well...I have a whole team of assistants who ALL do their best to make this blog as good as it can be, and the readers/lurkers can help as well, simply by appreciating the efforts of these hard working music lovers.

BUZZCOCKS-MIDNIGHT SPECIAL-SCREEN ON THE GREEN 8/29/76-01 Breakdown/02 Friends of Mine/03 Times Up/04 Orgasm Addict/05 Peking Hooligan/ 06 Lester Sands/07 Oh Shit/08 Tear Me Up/09 Love Battery/10 I Can't Control Myself/11 I Love You Big Dummy

BUZZCOCKS-LIVE HOUSE OF BLUES 2010-01 Fast Cars/02 No Reply/0 You Tear Me Up/04 get Your Own Love/05 Love Battery/06 16/07 I Don't Mind/08 Fiction Romance/09 Autonomy/10 I Need/11 Pulsebeat/12 Ever Fallen In Love/13 Operator's Manuel/14 Nostalgia/15 Just Lust/16 Sixteen Again/17 Walking Distance/18 Love Is Lies/19 Nothing Left/20 ESP/21 Harmony In my Head/22 Promises/23 Love You More/24 What Do I Get/25 Orgasm Addict

BUZZCOCKS LIVE 05/08/03-01 Boredom/02 Fast Cars/03 I Don't Mind/04 Love Battery/05 Autonomy/06 Oh Shit/07 Harmony In My Head/08 Jerk/09 Love You More/10 Breakdown/11 Something's Gone Wrong Again/12 Sitting Round at Home/13 Wake Up Call/14 Get on Our Own/15 Driving You Insane/16 Keep On/17 Mad Mad Judy/18 Totally From the Heart/19 Friends/20 Lester Sands Drop In the Ocean/21 Noise Annoys/22 I Believe/23 Applause/24 Happy Birthday to Steve Diggle/25 Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore/26 What Do I Get/27 Orgasm Addict

LIVE AT THE ROXY (DATE NOT GIVEN)-01 Orgasm Addict/02 No Reply/03 Get On Your Own/04 Fast Cars/05 What Do I Get/06 Friends of Mine/07 16/08 Times Up/09 Oh Shit!/10 Boredom/11 Love Battery

Thanks to LEWDD for all these Buzzcocks boots, but as I said, the cupboard is hardly bare, stand by for Damned, Clash, Pistols, and Misfits........FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!


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    house of blues


  2. roxy

  3. Thanks a ton for all the 'Cocks stuff. Been looking for their Screen On The Green set forever. Always something interesting here. Much appreciated!