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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another Submission From the Wands

(scott) John N sends us another great Wands effort, they've been quite popular, which is great by me......some more great psychedelic rock, I did listen to this one today and it's as good as the previous submissions (John N/Studkid).......I think this wraps up their studio efforts, anyone have any boots or anything? This is a really cool band in my estimation......anyway, I never even knew this one existed (2013), but another good effort from a really cool psych band!

HELLO I KNOW THE BLOW YOU GROW IS MAGIC-01 Hello I Know the Blow You Grow Is Magic/02 No One Around/03 The Key/04 The Door/05 Spell My Name (Acoustic)



  2. These guys are great. Thanks for this and the other one Scott.