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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Capt'n Ortega

One of my fave things is when a newer, lesser known band sends me a link for some of their new
means, as I say often, THEY GET IT......understand that blogs like this exist to HELP THEM gain wider exposure, NOT as is commonly thought by bands with less intellect, that blogs such as this exist only to destroy their potential audience.......hey, Tender Age, how are the sales of that latest stunner going anyway? I hope great, as you need no help from scum like me.

Anyway, here is Capt'n Ortega, who sent me an email as well as a bandcamp link.......I'll reprint the email for ya:

Hey there,

We're Captain Ortega, from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. We've been playing rock 'n roll as loud as we can for a few years. Recently we recorded six songs and released it on an EP titled 1634. You can download itFOR FREE at our Bandcamp:  

Check it out and tell us what you think, we'd appreciate that! And if you'd like to share it on your website: please feel free to do so!

Thanks a lot,
Aram, Bard, Casper, Pieter and Rinus

Captain Ortega
Rock 'n roll - Punk - Hard rock
Check de EP 1634 op Spotify of Bandcamp
Meer info, check 

I'd LOVE IT if I recieved a LOT more links from up and comers such as this....this is REAL rock n roll, the great shit........this blog gets a LOT of hits, and if you are in a start up band, this place can ONLY HELP YOU......despite what certain Rock N Roll Hall of Famers such as Tender Age among others might tell WILL gain extra exposure from being featured here, and I LOVE IT. 

As always, this blog is open to ANY band that wishes to be here......ALL MY LOVE to all up and coming bands!

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