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Monday, October 10, 2016

Dread Zeppelin

Ah, why not, it's about time I dragged this one out.......Dread Zeppelin.......are ya familiar? This can be quite
amusing, in small doses, we get some Led Zeppelin tunes (among others),  set to reggae beats, and as a special bonus, Elvis Presely-style vocals.......I found this shit quite amusing some 25 years ago or so, had pretty much forgotten about them, but, someone asked me the other day, and yep, I happen to have a large "torrent"-style other words, no "proper" albums here, but a TON of tracks, strung together in good ol' alphabetical order in a nice, big, Pirate Bay posting from God knows how many years ago......

Lord knows, this stuff does wear thin pretty quickly, BUT I think a handful of ya might appreciate the dumb humor involved here. I find it quite amusing, perhaps you will as well, don't worry, there is no huge landslide of these boyos on the horizon, but I do try to keep things diverse/mixed up for my peeps........btw, any of you have any legit "proper" Dread Zep LP's? Share em up now if ya do, let's see what they are all about! (unsure, but I MAY not have ever heard one in album format)........

Here we go, enjoy it, Mon, if ya don't like this one, gimme a few minutes and I'll get some more goodies up, I'm thinking you get a LOT of posts today after I took yesterday off! (hey, football season AND the baseball playoffs AND my divorce all going on at the same time? And yet I STILL find the time to enthrall you with these incredible slices of sound? I can hardly think of a word that would describe me!)

One can program this however one wishes, obviously, as we don't have the "albums" per se.......just don't take it all TOO seriously, have a laugh, and if ya got any shares, you know where I am!

DREAD ZEPPELIN TORRENT PROJECT-01 The First No-Elvis/02 Blue Christmas/03 Winter Wonderland/04 Do the Claw/05 Lemon Song/06 I'll Be Home For Christmas/07 1-800-Psychic Pal/08 White Christmas/09 Black Mountain Side/10 4 Jah People/11 Baba O'Reilly/12 Born on the Bayou/13 CC Rider/14 Disco Inferno/15 Earshot!/16 Freebird/17 Friend Bob Marley/18 Golden Slumbers /19 Hotdog/20 Jungle Boogie/21 Kingston Celebration/22 Living Loving Maid/23 Misty Mountain Hop/24 My Pink Cadillac/25 No Quarter/26 Nobody's Fault But Mine/27 Ramble On/28 Rock N Roll Medley/29 Shaft/30 Stairway to Heaven/31 Takin' Care of Buisness/32 Ten Years Gone/33 The Last Resort/34 Train Kept a Rollin'/35 What Is and What Should Never Be/36 Wooedstock (live)/37 Smoke on the Water/38 Whole Lotta Love/39 Black Dog/40 Communication Breakdown/41 Going to California/42 Jailhouse Rock/43 Jive Talkin'/44 Light My Fire/45 Moby Dick/46 Stir It Up/47 Sunshine of Your Love/48 Unchained Melody/49 Your Time Is Gonna Come/50 Good Times Bad Times/51 Big Ol' Gold Belt/52 Viva Las Vegas/53 Brick House (Of the Holy!)/54 Heartbreaker/55 Immigrant Song/56 Spambake

LITTLE bit different that what I usually post, but hey, so what? I hope a few of ya find these amusing, and
we keep the "Hey Man Zep Rules man why You make fun of them Man, You Suck Man, I hate you Man......oh, and can you repost that Radiohead show from five years ago?" -type posts to a minimum......this shit is fairly funny, although I will even admit there is likely more of this stuff here than you could ever possibly need!


  1. part 1

    part 2

  2. Ahhh, Tortelvis. I bought a Casette of one of their albums in late 80's and love them (was the one with Heartbreaker Hotel) I've collected a lot of miscellany of theirs and like your idea of just piling it on.. most of their stuff seemed to be EPs anyhow. Thanks, Scott!

    1. PS not your problem but fyi Zippy is going through a Spammy phase again. Still the best game in town though. Cheers.