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Monday, October 10, 2016

Unity Floors

Image result for unity floors exotic goldfishAnother of those fab John N submissions, as well as another fab band from Austrailia, here are two good albums of semi-rocking shoegaze stuff.......i have listened to these, and, actually, I enjoyed them a good bit, which is why I am posting them (I don't post EVERYTHING that is sent to me, trust me).....I was not familiar with this band prior to the submittal, but, yes, I find both of these albums, pretty good.....not great, but certainly of the 2.5 star level, and there is certainly not an issue with that. ("Life Admin"  is the recent release, ie last couple of weeks, and "Exotic Goldfish Blues" is from a couple years back, 2013 to be exact......these are both pretty fair efforts, see what you may always, searching the corners of the universe with my blogging crew in order to bring you some DIFFERENT rock n roll.....hope ya like it, if not, we'll get something else up today......

Image result for unity floors life adminEXOTIC GOLDFISH BLUES-01 Nice Fit/02 Day Release/03 Holy Hell/04 One In a While/05 Petrov's Clouds/06 just For a Minute/07 Georgina/08 Gettin' On/09 Littoral Drift/10 Want It All/11 Crash Cars

LIFE ADMIN-01 Moving to Melbourne/02 Give and Take/03 No One Else/04 Young Professionals/05 Harsh Truths/06 Cost of Living/07 Life Admin/08 Hungarian Heritage/09 Such a Star/10 Wouldn't It Be Nice

Thanks of course go to John N for these ones, another excellent choice to submit.

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