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Monday, October 3, 2016

Female Metal Power part 3

Third and final portion of the "Female Metal Power" torrent series, this has been pretty badass in my
estimation, it's a fab set that I'm keeping in semi-heavy rotation......again, I'd gladly give a year's meager pay to eat the panties of all these wild babes, some bootlicking, etc might not be out of the question either, but we are NOT here to talk about my (many) perversions, we are here to talk about volume 3 of this kick ass set......

Again, I don't know how many discs this will take, 3-4, I don't know, but there is some fab shit on all these volumes, this one includes great shit from Doro, Nightwish, Xandria, and more, again, in case it has missed you, I have kind of a weakness for these bad-girl metal chicks........get hugry EVERY TIME I write aout em..........

Anyway, here is Volume you know, the first two volumes were totally kick- serious-ass, you are most welcome for this huge three part Pirate Bay torrent, it's got some FANTASTIC shit on it.......there is NOTHING better than hard rocking, screaming chicks, NOTHNG.

FEMALE METAL POWER VOLUME 3-01 AMBERIAN DAWN-Magic Forest/02 DELAIN-April Rain/03 DELAIN-Babylon/04 DELAIN-Breathe On Me/05 DELAIN-Here Come the vultures/06 DELAIN-Frozen/07 DELAIN-See Me in the Shadows/08 DELAIN-Stardust/09 DELAIN-We Are the Others/10 DORO-Raise Your Fist in the Air/11 DORO WITH WARLOCK-All We Are/12 KRYPTERIA-All Systems Go/13 KRYPTERIA-Time to Bring the Pain/14 LIGHT UP THE DARK-Broken Mirrors/15 NEMESA-Afterlife/16 NIGHTWISH-7 Days of the Wolves/17NIGHTWISH-Amaranth/18NIGHTWISH-Bless the Child/19 NIGHTWISH-bye Bye Beautiful/20 NIGHTWISH-Dark Chest of Wonders/21 NIGHTWISH-Dead Wonders/22 NIGHTWISH-End of All Hope/23NIGHTWISH-I Want My Tears Back/24 NIGHTWISH-Kuolema Tekee Taitejilian/25 NIGHTWISH-Romanticide/26 NIGHTWISH-Sahara/27 NIGHTWISH-Slaying the Dreamer/28 NIGHTWISH-Sleeping Sun/29 NIGHTWISH-Storytime/30 NIGHTWISH-Walking in the Air/31 NIGHTWISH-Wish I had an Angel/32 NIGHTWISH-Wishmaker/33 TARJA-Falling Awake/34 TARJA-Still of the Night/35 THE GATHERING-On Most Surfaces/36 THE GATHERING-Rollercoaster/37 THEATER OF TRAGEDY-When He Falleth/38 THEATER OF TRAGEDY-Keep Me hangin' On/ 39 THEATER OF TRAGEDY-Liquid Man/40 THEATER OF TRAGEDY-Siren/41 THEATER OF TRAGEDY-Venus/42 UNLEASH THE ARCHERS-Dawn of Ages/43 WHYZDOM-Everlasting Child/44 WHYZDOM-The Forseer/45
WINTERGARDEN-Breathe/46 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Ice Queen/47 WITHIN TEMPTATION-It's the It's the Fear/48 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)/49 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Mother Earth/50 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Our Solemn Hour/51 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Paradise (What About Us)/52 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Sinead/53 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Somewhere/54 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Stand My Ground/55 WITHIN TEMPTATION-The Howling/56 WITHIN TEMPTATION-What Have You Done/57 XANDRIA-Firestorm/58 XANDRIA-India/59 XANDRIA-Nightfall/60 XANDRIA-Ravenheart/61 XANDRIA-Sisters of the Light/62 XANDRIA-Widescreen

Hope you've enjoyed this project, I have.........stuff like this that you find out of the blue fucking rules.......there are close to 200 tracks in this series, and what could be BETTER than some screaming chicks? Got a few more of these big "Torrent-type" projects coming up in the near future as well!


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