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Sunday, October 2, 2016

John N has a couple of more Pixies links

(scott) I think John N sent these to another friend of his not associated with this blog, but copied me the files
anyway, and you know damn well I'm going to put up some Pixies links if I get them.....we've had sort of a mini-Pixies thing going on lately anyway......I've posted these before but I THINK they were vinyl rips, so if you prefer a prositine digital copy, here are both the classics "Bossanova" and "Tromp le Monde", thanks as always John N

BOSSANOVA-01 Cecilia Ann/02 Rock Music/03 Velouria/04 Allison/05 Is She Weird/06 Ana/07 All Over the World/08 Dig For Fire/09 Down to the Well/10 The Happening/11 Blown Away/12 Hang Wire/13 Stormy Weather/14 Havalina

TROMPE LE MONDE-01 Trompe le Monde/02 Planet of Sound/03 Alec Eiffel/04 The Sad Punk/05 Head On/06 U-Mass/07 Palace of  the Brine/08 Letter to Memphis/09 Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons/10 Space (I Believe In)/11 Subbacultcha/12 Distance Equals Rate Times Time/13 Lovely Day/14 Motorway to Roswell/15 The Navajo Know

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