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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Anonymous with great boots this time from.........

(scott)-Our Anonymous guest poster who has been submitting REM and Pixies stuff of late (I wish he had
another screen name but I'm sure he has his reasons, just easier to give him (her?) the proper credit, but it's all good. He's asked a couple questions via email, saying he has a ton of boots from many artists, inquiared as to whether the blog is looking for anyone specific to be posted (my personal answer is that ANYTHING interesting is perfectly welcome, especially hard to find ones, like some of his seem to be).....he also poses a question that many have asked before, and I wish someone would put to bed for good, lets see if we can end that issue.

The story is this: Files over 200mb must be split to accomodate zippyshare's size limitations. At times like these, often times the file picks up an ending, rarZ.01 (something like that I'm not looking at it right now).....ok, some people have trouble figuring out how to to download these files. They DO get downloaded, enough that I know its possible to do, but frankly I don't know how (I don't ever have to download them as I already have them)......if some one will provide a plain-English step by step instruction on the proper way to download such files, EACH AND EVERYTIME I use a a split download link, I will copy and paste these instructions with the link......a lot of people will appreciate it if one of you can do that, especially Anonymous, and in advnace gratitude he presents you with three fine links for some Florence + the Machine enjoy, but PLEASE someone help out with this it's been a recurring problem for a while, I should have addressed  before now.

Live @ São Paulo Arena Skol Anhembi (Summer Soul Festival) 24.01.2012

Live @ Glastonbury Festival, England, 26.06.2015

Live @ São Paulo Autódromo de Interlagos (Lollapalooza Festival) 13.03.2016

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  1. Anonymous again (Max from the UK).

    Worked it out with the file extensions - copy them all into a separate folder - right click on the main archive file, and then select 'Extract Here', and you should be sorted!