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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jon S sends a Talking Heads "upgrade"

(scott) We've had a LOT of Talking Heads featured here before, starting with my original vinyl rips long
ago.....I remember once that Brian sent me upgraded sound-quality versions of some of their albums, and Jon S takes that a bit what he says below, but if Jon S say these are the best sounding versions of these albums he has heard, I believe him and it is likely worth checking out (I have NOT heard them yet, but I STRONGLY trust his judgement)........take a look at what he says, and if this sounds like a winner to you, indulge! They are FLAC files, he clearly points out, and I know some of you prefer not to mess with those, but FLAC's DO have great sound quality in general, so I'm going to grab these and give them a listen......besides, Talking Heads are one of "THOSE" twenty or thirty bands that the MORE material we can accumulate, the BETTER!
(jon s)

Stumbled on this yesterday. I know you're as big a Talking Heads fan as I am. These are the best sounding versions of the albums I've ever heard. Clear, crisp separation,  and distinct instrumentation, especially on Remain In Light.

These are all .flac and the whole thing is about 3.8 gigs, which is large. but against my usual habit I'm keeping them like this, thats how impressive it sounds.

This link is for downloads

You can grab the whole thing - just press "download as zip in the upper right - or you can pick and choose.

This link is to the page where I found it. Its worth reading just to see the source.

Talking Heads downmix 5.1


Thanks, as always, to Jon S for another stellar contribution! ALL you guys make this SO easy for me!!!!!!!


  1. Significantly different mixes. These are a must hear for those of us who've listened to these albums far too many times!

  2. "especially remain in light"
    wow, you got that right!
    one of my favorite recordings of all time just got even better. like to hear byrne and eno's "life in the bush of ghosts" get similar treatment. huge thanks.

  3. Can't wait to hear these - thanks!