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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

John N Sends us Black Spiders

(scott) I don NOT know Black Spiders, at all, although I have posted many arachnid-based bands on here
before (Lime Spiders, Pink Spiders, Black Widow).......This turned up in my email from John N, he listed it as a "hard rock/metal kind of thing", which is certainly within the confines of the stuff I will accept! Let me have a second to look them up, and we'll talk about them briefly.........

OK, they are from the UK, I've listened to some of the samples, they are no doubt metal-rockers, you can hear Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Metallica, and others among their influences.......really, sounds pretty damn good to me, this will go on the listening list for Thursday......sounds like some damn slamming hard good stuff from here, comments please, this is another new one to me, so let me know what you think by all means!

ST. PETER EP-01 St.Peter/02 I'll Be the Judge/03 Undertaker Blues

CINCO HOMBRES (DIEZ COJONES) EP-01 Stay Down/02 Jitterbug/03 Skit/04 Meadow/05 kicked in the Teeth

NO GOATS IN THE OMEN EP-01 Just Like a Woman/02 D&B/03 Cold Dead Hand/04 No Class

KISS TRIED TO KILL ME EP-01 KISS Tried to Kill Me/02 Somebody's Fault Not Mine/03 Sons of the North/04 Search and Destroy

SONS OF THE NORTH LP-01 Stay Down/02 KISS Tried to Kill Me/03 Just Like a Woman/04 Easy Peasy/05 Blood of the Kings/06 St. Peter/07 Man's Ruin/08 Medusa's Eyes/09 Si, el Diablo/10 What's a Good Rock Without a Roll

THIS SAVAGE LAND-01 Knock You out/02 Stick it to the Man/03 Balls/04 Young Tongues/05 Put
Love in It's Place/06 Raised By Wolves/07 Trouble/08 Teenage Knife Gang/09 Creatures/10 Sleepy Demon

Hey, rock on......thanks John N......pretty much anything with a "hard" or "metal" or "punk" or "psych" (you get the idea) label on it, I will most likely post......anyway, from the samples I hear of these really do rock out like a mother, in that retro-70's/80's classic metal way, and what ever in the fuck could be wrong with THAT?????

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