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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kristen Kontrol

Kristen Kontrol you may or may not know from The Dum Dum Girls, here she steps out for a solo effort which is pretty damn good.......quite a departure from the work of The Dum Dum Girls with which you may be familiar, on her solo effort "X-Communicate", she focuses on slick dance/electronic beats, and it works (for me at least, and this is a compliment, as I have never seen her, which if you know my perverted self, this kinds matters)....

Anyway, I JUST got finished listening to this one and found it quite enjoyable......not exactly my kind of stuff, either, but I really DID enjoy it......really, a solid effort, most of the tracks here are REALLY good......quite an enjoyable effort, and isn't that what we are always looking for?

X COMMUNICATE-01 Show Me/02 White Street/03 (Don't) Wannabe/04 X-Communicate/05 Skin Shed/06 Drive the Night/07 What Is Love/08 Face 2 Face/09 Going Through the Motions/10 Smoke Rings



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