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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Celestial Season

This band had two lives, they began as a (not so great, frankly) death metal outfit, and then glided their way
into (pretty good) stoner rock.....I have three latter-day albums, from the stoner phase, which I think you will like much better (besides I don't have the older ones)......"Orange" was the first of the stoner type albums, bears a striking resembelance to Kyuss, the vocals especially, and what in the world could be wrong with THAT?

Three albums here, all of them of the hard-stoner-rocking mid 00's stuff that I like so much (I've called such music "future classics" and likened it to the hard/heavy psych of  the early 70's, not that that means much of shit).....anyway, the first album here is 1997's "Orange", which, anyway on might slice it, has a definite Kyuss/QOTSA tinge to it.....still hard rocking and great, all the tracks are pretty solid, I take a personal liking to "Daisy's Lunch" and the spacy "Risin' Out of the Loop".....anyway, in 1997 stoner rock was a fairly new concept, and these guys took off with it......this is an overlooked gem of the genre.

Next I have "Chrome" from 1999......perhaps a little harder rocking than its predecessor, still a good effort....again, most of these tracks will find a spot in the heart of any "real" hard rock lover, but damn, "Alooka's Boulevard" and "Staardust" stand out, and this is also a REALLY strong effort.

Finally we have "Lunchbox Dialogue", from 2000......I'm not sure if this was their final effort or not, but, once again, they seem to turn the amps up a bit again, but, to me, at least, this one falls a tiny bit short, not that there aren't some fine stoner-rocking tunes on here ("Boarding Music", "From the Plains").......hey, here are three good albums from a fairly unknown stoner rock band. As you know I LOVE my stoner rock, as I've said before, I think a lot of this stuff will be considered "classic" hard rock in the future, it's just (like so much rock has been) way far ahead of it's time.....still great, rocking shit though, and at the end of the day, that is what I am here for. Always have and always will love the shit that rocks me hard! Hope you do as well!

ORANGE-01 Wallaroo/02 Too Much Too Soon/03 Black Queen Is Dynamite/04 The Orleans Capsule/05 Carmencita/06 Salamandra/07One-Eye Genaerator/08 Warp Speed to Vulcan/09 Diablo Crauiser XL5/10 1000 Things/11 Daisy's Lunch/12 Dive/13 Risin' Out of the Loop/14 Diesel Reptile

CHROME-01 Jupiter/02 Coming Down/03 Stardust/04 Monumenta/05 Retrosky/06 Trancewaagon/07 Who Sent the Workers Back Underground/08 21:20 Desire/09 Alooka's Boulevard/10 Millenarian Drive

LUNCHBOX DIALOGUE-01 Lonely Man Burning/02 Sharks and Razors/03 Outshine/04 Boarding
Music/05 Mary Meets the Sky/06 Body Overdrive/07 Celestial Dragon/08 All Wrong Listen/09 Comfortable Mess/10 From the Plains

Some damn good stoner rock for ya, hell, that's what I started this whole thing out with, less-than-well-known stoner rock......anyway, things have changed, so whatever, but I hope you all like this one, like the rst of the shit I put up, and ESPECIALLY that you like the team-submissions, Brian's new Slayer projet is one for the books, let me tell ya!

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