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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Starting on Lewdd's Clash boots

OK, Lewdd is the great team member who shared with us all those fantastic Buzzcocks and Descendents boots, he's sent me a bunch more, and at random, let us start on his Clash, mind you, I likely have 150 Clash boots myself, which I posted on this site long, long ago (no longer live links)......I checked Lewdd's file and YES he has a metric shit tonne of Clash shows, some of which I already have, some of which I don't, but I'm not sorting them out, you will get EVERYTHING he send to me, with a couple of factors I wish to point out;

1) He states that SOME of these are of good sound quality, some are not......I'm not sorting THAT out, I'm posting them all. If some of them sound shitty, that is life in bootleg-town

2) They will be posted in the order in which he sent them to me, thusly, they will NOT be's much easier for me to keep track of them this way, sorry.......

There are a BUNCH of Clash boots in this file, I assume if I put up a few every couple days we will still likely have Clash stuff through October.......Cool, in my opinion, "The Only Band That Matters!" (if you know what that means, you are likely as old as me, if you DON'T, sorry abut your luck, JUNIOR)....anyway, I'll follow the same general format I used on the Buzzcocks/Descendents, four or five at a time until we get through them.......there are a LOT, and that is a great thing, but obviously I haven't listened to all of them yet, SO if you are interested, take a chance, I will not hear ANY of them until after they are posted, so it's Russian Roulette for you downloaders........however, it IS the fucking Clash, one of te best bands of them ALL, so all of us (Clash fans, punk rockers, children of the 1970's) owe a great debt to Lewdd for this one. Check these out, take your time, I'll present them fairly slowly........but thanks a ZILLION to Lewdd for this amazing submission!!!!!!!!!

09 May 1985-01 Clash City Rockers/02 Guns of Brixton/03 Garageland/04 Police on My Back/05 I Fought the Law/06 Straight to Hell/07 White Riot/08 Brand New Cadillac/09 Spanish Bombs/10 Be Bop a Lula/11 Radio York Interview

02/01/82 TOKYO SUN PLAZA-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/04 Brand New Cadillac/05 Charlie Don't Surf/06 Clampdown/07 This is Radio Clash/08 Armagideon Time/09 Jimmy Jazz/10 Tommy Gun/11 Police on My Back/12 White Riot

05/20/82 LOCHEM FESTIVAL HOLLAND-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Guns of
Brixton/04 Train In Vain/05 Radio chatter/fans/06 Clash City Rockers/07 Know Your Rights/08 The Magnificent Seven/09 Ghetto Defendant/10 Should I Stay or Should I Go/11 Police and Thieves/12 Brand New Cadillac/13 Bankrobber/14 Complete Control/15 Career Opportunities/16 Radio Announcer over Career Opportunities/17 Career Opportunities Continued/18 Clampdown

08/31/76 THE 100 CLUB-14 Tracks, unlabeled (Please, someone provide a set list, this is GOLDEN ERA Clash right here, please help me out here, as I can't put all this material up daily without a BIT of help on setlists, etc.......)


  1. 05/09/85

    01/02/82 tokyo

    5/20/82 lochem

    1976 100 club

  2. The Clash 100Club 31/08/1976
    1. (Audience Noise)
    3.1-2 Crush on you
    4.I Know What to Think about you
    5.I never did it
    6. I can't understand the flies
    7.Protex blue
    8.Janie Jones
    9.Mark me absent
    10.Deadly Serious
    11.48 Hours
    12.I'M so bored with you
    13.What's my name

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