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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Another submission from John N (and another newer-one, heed my previous advice), Merchandise are a Tampa band that cranks out some perfectly acceptable hard/punk/pop........"A Corpse Wired For Song"), is really, a good album, the parts I've carpet-bombed......actually a pretty damn good one, this is (by my count) their fourth LP, and again, this is another band with which I was unfamiliar.......that's what I like though, EVEREYONE keep sending me these bands I don't know (yet) and treat me to additional education......LOVE hearing me some new and different bands, and THAT, my friend, is the spirit and attitude that I TRY (hard, really) to bring this blog-type-thing to LIFE........enjoy this album, it's good, and another fabulous submission from the global-wide link czar, John ALL of the rest of my team, I hope he NEVER leaves me, such great submissions!

A CORPSE WIRED FOR SONG-01 Flower of Sex/02 Crystal Cage/03 Right Back to the Start/04 End of the Week/05 Lonesome Sound/06 Shadow of the Truth/07 Silence/08 I Will Not Sleep Here/09 My Dream is Yours

A good one, recommended by myself, at least.

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