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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Gaiety Records Story-Rare 60's Canadian Rock

(scott) John N sends us this large and cool collection of rare rocking shit from Canada, ca. 1960's.......lots
and lots of great stuff here, I will take the EZ way out this time and paste an album review for your consumption:


The Gaiety Records label was active in Canada between 1961 and 1969. Formed by Don Grashey and Lloyd Palmer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the label was an outlet for many relatively obscure Canadian garage and rock bands during its existence. Gaiety Records released its own bands' singles as well as licensed material to other labels as RCA, Columbia, Decca, Epic, Musicor, and many others. The Gaiety Records label featured many obscure but good bands that had become lost in the shuffle in the quest for that elusive hit single. This compilation collects 24 songs taken from original 45 rpm singles released through the vaults of Gaiety Records. The music on this set contains some of the best garage and pop music to be released in Canada during the mid-'60s. This set features 24 tracks by such acts as Checkerlads, White Knights, Tomorrow's Keepsake, Plague, Lexington Avenue, NRG, and Solid Reputation. A Canadian version of a "Nuggets" compilation or any of those obscure British singles collections, Gaiety Records Storycontains some splendid music from the great white north. This is the first time this music has ever been re-released and hopefully the Pacemaker label will continue to explore further into the vaults of this label for future volumes.


Fairly great shit here, John N, I'm sure some new material to a lot of the folks, I know there is some stuff that is new to me. Thanks again, 10000x over!

VOLUME 1-01 THE CHECKERLADS-Shak Yourself Down/02 THE CHECKERLADS-Baby Send For Me/03 THE CHECKERLADS-You Just Can't Hide/04 THE CHECKERLADS-The Dreamer/05 
THE CHECKERLADS-Behind Every Man/06 THE WHITE KNIGHTS-Love That's True/07 THE WHITE KNIGHTS-Promise Her Love/08 THE WHITE KNIGHTS-There She Goes/09 THE WHITE KNIGHTS-Run Baby Run/10 TOMORROW'S KEEPSAKES-high and Mighty/11 TOMORROW'S KEEPSAKES-Eat Your Hot Dog Boy/12 THE PLAGUE-The Face of Time/13 THE PLAGUE-Love and Obey/14 THE PLAGUE-We Were Meant to Be/15 THE PLAGUE-High Flyin' Bird/16 LEXINGTON AVENUE-The Bird Collector/17 LEXINGTON AVENUE-Sound the Alarm/18 LEXINGTON AVENUE-Wendy Taylor/19 LEXINGTON AVENUE-Flowing Kind of Feeling/20 LEXINGTON AVENUE-Good to Me/21 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-Take Me back Home/22 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-It All Comes Back to Me/23 SOLID REPUTATION-Brown Eyed Girl/24 SOLID GROUND-Things

VOLUME 2-01 THE PLAGUE-Searchin'/02 THE PLAGUE-World of Dreams/03 THE PLAGUE-Only In America/04 SOLID REPUTATION-Lies/05 SOLID REPUTATION-Nature's Love/06 THE CHECKERLADS-So Much In Love With You/07 THE CHECKERLADS-My Time is Comin'/08 THE DEWLINE-if You Can Dig It/09 THE DEWLINE-Ode to a Cucumber, a Berry, and a Flower/10 LEXINGTON AVENUE-Farmer John/11 TOMORROWS KEEPSAKE-Elevator Operator/12 FLYING COLORS-Yours Until Tomorrow/13 FLYING COLORS-That's the Tune/14 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-Route 66/15 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-To Be back Home/16 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-I Brought my Love With Me/17 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-Magic Man/18 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-Witchcraft/19 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-My Shady Friend/20 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-Towns and Villiages/21 PORTLAND STREET SOUTH-Baby Get Out/22 PORTLAND STREET SOUTH-You've Been Running So Long/23 PORTLAND STREET SOUTH-Set Me Free/24 PORTLAND STREET SOUTH-I'll Never let You Go


  1. D1


  2. Don't know ANY of this stuff, but I know you, Scott, so I'm checking it out!


  3. nice work Scott, one thing that has always baffled me is the glitch after about 42 seconds of the Portland St South - Set Me Free,
    even on official releases! has a word been censored? I just dunno