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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Once again, I "borrow" from another site (converted the links of course), same one as yesterday (chris G's, if
you want the proper name of it email me and I will give it to you in that form, I don't want to get him in ANY trouble!),  because this band impressed my so much I wanted to feature them here. From Dresden Germany come the fab Wutan, who are sort of in a class by themselves, as this three disc live effort will exemplify.

Wutan, first of all, are Tim George on the guitar, Patrik Droge on bass, hil Knofel on the drums, and of course the vocals, flute playing, guitar, and theremin of the wonderful Francis Tobolsky. As for their music? WOW. They combine a lot of prog/Krautrock influences with sort of a combination of modern-day stoner rock and the early 70's heavy psych that I love, the results are stunning.

If you read up on them a bit, you learn that they have a rep as a fantastic live band, and this set here will certainly confirm THAT for you......take, just as an example "Wandersman" is a 16-minute tour de force, plenty of trippy flute playing, German language vocal (MOST of their stuff is in English), and that is FAR from the only highlight, it's ALL great......."Dopetrotter" goes on for over FORTY (!) minutes, and they wrap up the set with a cover of Budgie's "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" "unofficial" release but certainly one of the best things I've heard all year, traditionally I have not put boots on my year-end best-of lists, but this one is so good you never know.

This is a "new" band to me, (I know, I'm slow on the uptake sometimes), but I intend to learn more about them and HOPEFULLY post some more of their work, assuming I can find it. I know reader SuperBillie is in Germany, can you offer up any help? Or anyone else, I just really liked this set, and I'm DEFINITELY interested in getting some more of their work shared/spread......

Thanks to the other blog I borrowed this from, thanks for introducing me to Wucan.......fine, fine stuff, and, again, LOOKING FOR MORE, so, ANYONE out there be on the lookout! I REALLY love this one!

DISC 1-01  King Korea/02 Owl Eyes/03 Franis Vikarma/04 Wizard of Concrete Jungle/05 Dopetrotter

DISC 2-01 Looking In the Pasta/02 Face in the Kraut

DISC 3-01 Father Storm/02 Wandersmann/03 Crash Course in Brain Surgery

Please listen, enjoy, comment, and, most importantly, if you have anymore of this fab band, PLEASE share! I know SOMEONE out there will, and I am/will be thrilled (obviously I'll be searching the web for any more material myself!)

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