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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Panics

(scott) another John N submission with which I was previously unfamiliar, The Panics (from Australia) present their FIFTH (!) album here, a little odd that I don't know of them, but whatever....this is a damn fine hard rocking album, and I for one would SURE AS FUCK like to hear the previous four.......anyone? I don't really wanna ask John N 'coz he does so much for me already, but I really liked this one, and with four other albums out there, it's a band I find intriguing!

A HOLE IN YOUR POCKET-01 Weatherman/02 Hole In Your Pocket/03 Passenger Side/04 Car parks of Greschen/05 Know My Name/06 Not Apart, Not Together/07 The Birds/08 Loiter With Intent/09 Switching Off



  2. I've got other Panic albums but I'm a novice re uploading links. advice? Is it possible to send email to you with albums as attached files?

    1. yeah kev it can be done fairly easily but if you are a newbie to it you might need some me (if you want) at 937 206 9022 and I will walk you through it (only if you want!)