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Monday, December 26, 2016

Fight the (Alleged) Power

OK, let's discuss the future of this I am certain you are aware, my links are disappearing nearly as
soon as I can post them. This has been going on for a little while now, since the "Eton crop/Dan" incident. Now, PERSONALLY, I wouldn't know how to go about deleting someone else's link, no clue, I remember once ChrisGoes had the same problem.....So, WHY would someone delete links from artists as diverse as Iggy Pop, The Bangles, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Idol, and scores more? No DMCA complaint has been registered on my site, not since the Eton thing, and, in general, when that has happened in the past, Blogger reverts the post to "draft" status, end of story.......this is different. I gather someone elese has a method of doing it (If any of you can tell me how one would do this I'd be interested, JUST interested, I wouldn't EVER do it to they wish to make me quite what I do? Perhaps. Do they know me well? No.

Ok, here is the NEW method that will be in use for a while......I am going to continue to post the great music you love, old and new, comps and rarities, everything you are used to here. here is going to be the difference. NO LINKS on the site. You will need to email me at and request the links you want, it will be easy, I will number each link, so you can say, "Scott, i WANT LINKS 1, 2, 3, AND 4 FROM DECEMBER 26.....something like that. when you do so, I will issue you a password. use the password anytime you email me, so I know you are legit, and I will send you all the links you want to your provided email. Just keep your password in mind. I do not WISH TO STOP THE BLOG, OR MAKE IT PRIVTE......I think I am smart enough and persistent enough, and present good enough music for you, that this TINY extra bit of trouble (password, request links) shouldn't be too much trouble (I hope)....I'm going to try to locate something other than zippy, perhaps, but I suspect that isn't the problem........I think some tool/loser with little else to do thinks "hey I'm REALLY helping Billy Idol make more money here! He will LOVE me!".......well, likely not, but you are causing issues for the REAL music lover that are
here.....because whomever you are, who are fucking with my links, are no music lover, nor are you even a man, as I have offered MANY times to discuss what your issue is, and I hear silence. I have actually left my personal phone number here (I Will again; 937 206 9022), but I suspect little......just a little boy, playing and making trouble......

Anyway, I'm posting today, with Part 19 of the Garage Fuzz series......this will be an experiment, if you want it, email me, request the link number......I will send you a link ALONG WITH A PASSWORD for you to use on future links. I'm working, constantly, on making this better, easier, but I WILL NOT give it up over some loser with nothing better to do. Just bear with me, follow these instructions for a while, and we'll see what goes down.

As for that, hope you had a wonderful Christmas......look forward to 2017 cause I got a TON of music that I wanna share with ya!  See ya then, just CAREFULLY read the instructions!


  1. That is a shame that you have to go thru all of those extra hoops. You have more fortitude than me when it comes to blogging.

  2. Jeez Scott , what a bloody kerfuffle !! This is gonna give you a whole lot more to do , hope you get it sorted soon . I have a few odds & sods ready for you but I think I'll leave them for a while . Good luck ......

  3. What alot of should not have to give yourself extra work over some little asshole.he must have no life and not a music fan like all us who come to the best blog on the web.i for one will not give u extra work.i will stop downloading your great shares until u can get back to normal.i will still read your blog everyday as always.thanks for all the hard work you put in to this great blog.why some sad fucker would waste there time doing this to you i will never know.anyway i hope u had a get christmas and all the best for the new year.sorry i went off on a bit of rant.people like that just piss me off.

  4. You guys are among my best friends in blog-universe.....I love you....please just do as you have been doing, submission wise, and the ONLY difference, for now, is please request ANY link you may desire BY EMAIL (,not in the comments might be a little confusing at first, but until this blows over, I think it's the best way we can still, let's begin, if you wish Garage Fuzz Part 19, request "Link 1" and we will be rolling......hopefully this will work for a while, until these folks learn that I am NOT going to go hide under a rock. I am about sharing sharing sharing, it's what I live for, what I enjoy, so please.....don't abandon me, I havae LOTS more stuff for you (as does the rest of my team), this is a minor bump in the road that we WILL overcome......the garage fuzz thing, ironically, PROBABLY would NOT be removed, but I wanted to start this temporary/emergency method NOW to get you guys used to it, and see how it works out......and PLEASE let me know if there are any glitches in the system.......I want to keep this going, and of course, I need YOU for that......nothing has changed, there has simply been one step added for you, for which I am sorry, but I'll go to my grave attempting to get rare/unheard of music to you guys.....why? because it's WHAT I DO and because I truly LOVE everyone who has been a friend of the blog, for the last 5-6 years or any portion of.

  5. That is an incredibly generous approach to a shit show of a situation. Thank you for continuing.

  6. I wish I could sympathize. But your recent responses to bands who asked you to take down links were obnoxious. ("Another band that is BIG TIME," etc.)

    1. easy solution for ya jimbo.......READ ANOTHER BLOG THAT ORE TO YOUR LIKING. You'll be missed

    2. Obnoxious is in the eies of the beholder. Isn't the band's cease and desist obnoxious? Link attacks epitome of obnoxiousness. ou bite the hand that feeds. Beggars at the table have no right to complain re words spoken when morsels given. Like the man sais... ou don't have to be here. It's fair enough to mock the stupid. But of course if ou mock or be harsh then it's onli fair to expect a bit of that back in spades.

  7. omg Scott ou just made me fall in love with Drew all over again./Made me remember whai she was mai biggest crush in dais gone bai.


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