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Saturday, December 24, 2016

A submission from MD Milner, New Years Eve kinda stuff

(scott)-Well, I haven't heard from MD in a little bit, he's always had a good stash of live recordings, and
today is no exception......with the way things have been around here of late with links disappearing as soon as I post them (unsure who is behind that).....SO, this band is big-time enough that I don't want to name them hoping to save the post/link for as long as possible.....BUT like I've told you fine folks before, when I say get this one or that one quickly, I have a REASON for saying I have to play THESE games.....ok, this band is one of the greats, a UK effort, been around a LOOOOONG time, the leader impregnated Chrissie Hynde, automatically making him my idol, if you can't figure it out, sorry, you may have to try all day and all of the night to figure it out. Still haven't figured it? Well, you really got me........anyway this is a fab show from  New Years Eve 1980......they seem to be in fine form, as they generally were on stage, so thanks to MD Milner.... and kids, while the heat is on, if this interests you, please act quickly.

Don't say I didn't warn ya, hopefully some of this nonsense will blow over soon, until then, I will advise you if acting quickly is your best option. In this case, yes......yes it is.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, as it is now Christmas in MY time zone......and here I sit, typing on the blog......I know,I know, but my girl is at work, my son is out with one of his chicks, and I had to complete my weekly unemployment claim, so I might as well add a post or two to the blog.

As you know, I love doing this blog, I love all the great submissions I receive from others (such as THIS one).....going through a weird time right now, but we'll get it figured out. Main thing, if I say act quickly, and you don't, there isn't a thing I can do to help you. Sorry, but act quickly if you can.....I'm working on another solution to this "problem", but give me a few days........

NEW YEARS EVE 1980-01 Talk/02 You Really Got Me/03 The Hard Way/04 Where Have All the Good
Times Gone-Tired of Waiting For You/05 Catch me Now I'm Falling/06 Bird Dog/07 NTC Blues/08 Lola/09 Dead End Day/10 Til the End of the Day/11 Low Budget/12 Talk/13 Imagination's Real/14 Nothing More to Lose/15 I'm Not Like Everyone Else-Come on Now/16 You Really Got Me/17 Give the People What They Want/18 A Gallon of Gas/19 Celluloid Heroes/20 All Day And All of the Night/21 Talk/22 Talk/23 Superman/24 Talk

Don't think I'd heard this one, it's a good and energetic set for certain. And, no, it's NOT Van Halen!



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