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Monday, December 19, 2016

Zimmerman meets a very Petty, Petty man

No, not "Dan", or me either for that matter......I've just been seeing/reading that "petty" word so much since
our friend Dan decided to excite us with the fact that he had a new "word-of-the-day" desk calendar, OBVIOUSLY "petty" was the word of THAT day, the guy loves to use the word.....anyway, this aint about petty's more about Zimmerman, who turns up here on occasion, and this petty-ass fucker named Tom. They team up for a pretty damn good live show, Sydney Australia, 2/24/86......all pretty good here, thanks to John N for another killer submission, I'd ask that all of you petty file sharers might want to act quickly on this, you never know when some petty person might delete the links.......there are some moments of interest, notably to me this petty Tom guy turning in a killer version of "Refugee", and there are other moments too that make this share worth it's while. But don't be petty and name names, ya know, let's see if we can keep this one alive for a little while at least?

Wonder how old Dan is doing......seemed like such a tremendous guy........

DISC 1-01 Justine/02 All Along the Watchtower/03 Positively Fourth Street/04 Clean Cut Kid/05 I'll remember You/06 Trust Yourself/07 That Lucky Old Sun/08 Masters of War/09 Bye Bye Johnny/10 Straight Into Darkness/11 A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall/12 Girl From the North Country/13 It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)/14 I Forgot More than You'll Ever Know/15 just Like a Woman/16 I'm Moving On

DISC 1 NOTES: Tracks 1-8 by Zimmerman, Tracks 9-10 by this petty fucking Tom guy, tracks 11-16 by Zimmerman

DISC 2-01 Lenny Bruce/02 When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky/03 Lonesome Town/04 Ballad of a Thin Man/05 So You Want to Be a Rock N Roll Star/06 Refugee/07 Rainy Day Women #12 and 35/08 Seeing the Real You at Last/09 Across the Borderline/10 I And I/11 Like a Rolling Stone/12 In the Garden/13 Blowin In the Wind/14 Uranium Rock/15 Knockin on Heaven's Door

DISC 2 NOTES: Tracks 1-4 by Zimmerman, Tracks 5/6 by  this petty fucking Tom guy, tracks 7-15 by Zimmerman

This is pretty fair, sounds kind of pasted together, some of Zimmerman's stuff sounds a little lazy, and there is
not a whole lot of this petty fucking Tom guy, but it does have it's moments (besides mentioned above, see Zim's "Ballad of a Thin Man", a petty  good effort. Yes I said "petty" on purpose, just can't get that word out of my mind........thanks again DANNY BOY!

And of course, thanks to John N for the submission


  1. part 1

    part 2

  2. this was a broadcast concert from the tour when TP&THB*e*k*rs were his backup band, + a track thrown into the mix from a different show -- I think this is a pretty good performance throughout, with Zim-Man being quite entertaining instead of quiet like normal -- THANKS

  3. happy holidays my good friend.......very little cell service. i'm hard wired to their internet and ive got 7kbs per sec...........

  4. file not present on the site

  5. I saw this tour and Dylan was right in the middle of his "totally phoning it in" phase. I remember it being lifeless, and the live tapes I've heard since then confirm my recollection.