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Monday, December 26, 2016

Scott's Garage Fuzz Blow-out Part 19

We have another batch of Garage Fuzz stuff again today, featuring the letter "T"......lotsa good stuff, this is a
40+ track collection, good stuff here as you know if you have been following.....NOW, read the PREVIOUS post "Fight the Alleged Power", and see what you need to do. I'm working on it, making it better, but for now, let's try it this way.......any suggestions that you may have to fight the blog enemies will be welcome.

VOLUME 19-TC ATLANTIC-Faces/02 TASMANIANS-Baby/03 TEARS-People Through My Glasses/04 TEDDY & HIS PATCHES-Suzy Creamcheese/05 TEMPOS-All I Really Want/06 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-How Much More/07 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-Numbers/08 THACKERY ROCK-Bawling/09 THEE MIDNIGHTERS-Never Knew I had It So Bad/10 THEIR EMINENCE-Mary Had a Little Lamb/11 THEZE VIZITORS-Reacher Teacher/12 THINGIES-Mass Confusion/13 THINGS TO COME-I'm Not Talkin/14 THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time/15 THOMAS A EDISON ELECTRIC BAND-The Name of the Game/16 THORNS-I Want You/17 THORS HAMMER- Better Days/18 THORS HAMMER-My Life/19 THYME-Somehow/20 TIARAS-Sticks and Stones/21 TILLS-One Sided Love/22 TOM DAE TURNED ON-I Shall Walk/23 TOMBSTONES-I Want You/24 TOMMY JETT-Groovy Little Trip/25 TOMMY THOMPSON & CHAPTER 17-Beggarman/26 TONTO

& THE RENEGADES-Little Boy Blue/27 TONY & THE VIZITORS-Saturdays Son/28 TONY COLE-Beat It!/29 TRACERS-She Said Yes/30 TRACKERS-You Are My World/31 TRAITS-High On a Cloud/32 TREEZ-Live to Me Before/33 TREMORS-Wondering Why/34 TRIUMPHS-Lovin' Cup/35 TROLLS-I Don't Recall/36 TROLLS-That's The Way Love Is/37 TROPICS-As Time's Gone/38 TROPICS-This Must Be the Place/39 TROYES-Rainbow Chaser/40 TRYCERZ-It's Gonna Change/41 TWAS BRILLIG-Dirty Old Man/42 TWELFTH NIGHT-Grim Reaper/43 TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO-You Don't Remember/44 TWILIGHTERS-Nothing Can Bring Me Down/45 TWILIGHTERS-Nothing Can Bring Me Down/46 TWILIGHTS-Baby Let Me Take You Home/47 TYDE-Lost/48 TYDE-Psychelic Pill

OK, if you want this one, look to the comments section for new instructions


  1. OK you want this one, email me at send you the link, AND a password for you to use for future requests....i'm sorry of it's a bit of a pain in the ass, we'll try to fix it (working on it now), but for now, it's not THAT bad......try it and see how it works......I'm on line several times a day so I will send your link withinhours of request. Sorry for all this, but for now, let's try it.

  2. Remember, please contact me BY EMAIL,, you will recieve the link PLUS a personal password (hint: it'll be a former Vikings player, easiest way to keep it straight.......but please lets give this a try, I DO NOT wish to lose all of my blog friends, we can still make this work, still, indeed, YOU YOU YOU are my #1 priority and I love you!


  3. Any problems with the Inquisition?
    I think that's a bad idea.
    I hope everything is settled soon


    proper link for Volume 19 "T", sorry for all the shit....

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