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Monday, December 12, 2016

Iron Maiden Part 1

Kiss my ass, I always loved Iron VERY fave metal band of the 1980's, which was a shit
decade for music ESPECIALLY metal....however, I LOOOOOOOvvvvved me some Iron Maiden, thier speeded-up metal, imo , foresaw stoner rock, that's just me......but I have quite a Maiden stash, albums, boots, EP's, etc,......and I think I  will start posting in increments......Iron Maiden was bad ass on record, SUPER BAD ASS live, and fit this blog to a "T"......tonight a great treat, actually, the early Iron Maiden studio albums.......there will be more to come, another one of my "series that take a while"....(see "Runaways").....but I've always loved Maiden, so ABOUT TIME I woke up some of you sleepers....THE best metal band of the 80's in my are 5 albums, and we WILL get to a lot more in the coming weeks!

Don't be an Iron Maiden-hater, I know a LOT of 80's metal sucked it hard core, but Maiden were totally fucking great, period.....these first five albums contain a TON of metal classics...."Murders in the Rue Morgue", "Iron Maiden", "Flash of the Blade", "Run to the Hills", "Two Minutes to Midnight" and (my fave) "Back in the Villiage"......seriously, if you love metal (I DO), these were great albums from a great band, and we will get to plenty more of their shit later on, trust me, there is a LOT here......for now enjoy these five CLASSIC albums.....

IRON MAIDEN-01 Prowler/02 Sanctuary/03 Remember Tomorrow/04 Running Free/05 Phantom of the Opera/06 Transylvania/07 Strange World/08 Charlotte the Harlot/09 Iron Maiden

KILLERS-01 The Ides of March/02 Wrathchild/03 Murders in the Rue Morgue/04 Another Life/05 Genghis Khan/06 Innocent Exile/07 Killers/08 Prodigal Son/09 Purgatory/10 Twilight Zone/11 Drifter

THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST-01 Invaders/02 Children of the Damned/03 The Prisoner/04 22, Acacia
Avenue/05 The number of the Beast/06  Run to the Hills/07 Gangland/08 Hallowed Be Thy Name

PIECE OF MIND-01 Where Eagles Dare/02 Revelations/03 Flight of Icarus/04 Die With Your Boots On/05 The Trooper/06 Phatoor/07 Still Life/08 Quest For Fire/09 Sun and Steel/10 To Tame a Land

POWERSLAVE-01 Aces high/02 Two Minutes to Midnight/03 Losfer Worads (Big 'Orra)/04 Flash of the Blade/05 The Duellists/06 Back In the Village/07 Powerslave/08 Rime of the Ancient Mariner


(scott)- I think, somehow, it's hard for a band of this style/genre/era to be anything close to under-rated, or under-appreciated.......well, Iron Maiden were that band......better than ANYONE else of the era at cranking out the metal, and hey, I saw them all......this was a DOWN time for rock n roll as a whole (the 80's), but Maiden scorched it on record AND in their amazing stage shows, as for pure volume, in my personal history only Motorhead and The Who were louder, and Maiden, as pointed out before, gave us some GREAT songs (see above, and more to come)......this does not meet the category of "guilty pleasure", like some metal
bands do for me.....not Iron Maiden......this was a GREAT, not good, GREAT band, and I'm glad I have a bunch of their stuff to share out......this is the beginning, and these five albums were brilliant classics, during a time, in which, trust me, there were neither a lot of "classics", nor was there much good "metal"......this IS underrated music, people my age need to stand up and say so.....Iron Maiden were nothing but bad-ass, and we have a good bit more of their material to share the next couple months or so!


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  2. What a great great band the best metal band of all time.everybody should have this band in there collection.thanks scott.keep rocking.

  3. I saw Maiden twice at the beginning of the '90s. First with Anthrax opening & then with Testament & COC. Both shows were absolutely incredible from start to finish. I was in middle school at the time.

  4. Glad for the early enthusiasm, guys.....wasn't sure about this really.......I have quite a bit to fill out a series, if there I as a demand for it....thanx 4 hangin out here n stuff

  5. right on scott. I hated metal from '84-'89 as I had a teenage uncle who babi-sat us kids and would plai it all the time. In High-School however along came Metallica's Black Album which everione got into. Our school brass brand even won the local schools brass band comp plaing enter sandman.

  6. Love Maiden! My first concert was Maiden at Madison Square Garden for the Powerslave tour.

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