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Monday, December 19, 2016

Why this blog exists

Due to recent unrest with a band an a poster who may or may not have had some association with said band
(honestly, I have no way of knowing), perhaps it's about time to once again lay out the vision statement (I guess) for this here particular  blog is why I have done this blog, DAMN NEAR DAILY for the last 5 or 6 years.....

I have an enormous collection of music, have ALWAYS loved rock n roll and so many of its great sub-genres, this is stuff, that often includes EXTREMELY rare stuff, even if it's from a big named band.....thats why I try to dance around some artists, big timers mostly, to buy some time for everyone to jump at material while available, should they general, when I am dealing with someone like Zimmerman, this one band, and a lot of others, I avoid commercially available stuff, because fans of, say, Radiohead, are ceartaily going to have their "regular" albums reason I am here is that often, a band's live concert will shared here, which, sorry,I consider a valuable service....if you disagree, I guess we can debate it forever  but I see that solving little.

I excercise VERY loose standards here, and that is monumental understatement....I rely on a LARGE (10 or
so?) network of tremendous contributors......they do an incredible job, in general, sharing hard to find material, or something that might have been overlooked otherwise (meaning NEWER material)......I aatry to post rock n roll on here, some is 45 years old, and some came out in the last 90 reason is that I truly DO LOVE music, and want EVERYONE to be able to construct the "perfect" "record collection" to their individual preferences. If you look back, ANY band or artist (sometimes it's a big-timer, sometimes a new band i'm not familiar with, you never know) who has complained about music being shared here has been satisfied with EXTREME quickness, link removals taking place within minutes of my receiving notice of a problem. Always WILL be my policy too, often, as you know, start-up bands send me their stuff, and I am THRILLED, generally, to post it (as long as it loosely fits the rock format, and I'm pretty liberal about THAT), I only want newer bands on here who WANT to be here.....should they complain, there will be no problem, links will be removed.....but do NOT expect me, or my readers, to not have an OPINION on the subject, as we certainly will......seems fair to me, people like this amazing, incredible, most-interesting new poster "Dan" are encouraged to take this site to task at anytime, that's great......the more the merrier.....even when they are being referred to as "talentless fucks" ( not by ME) and actually act as though they think they are "kicking some serious blog-site-ass" (don't know what else these folks might call it), I always lovea getting ANY (well, anay NON SPAM) comments.

ANYONE reading this......if you are an artist, associated with labeling or management of an artist, or whatever, and any posting on this site is problematic for you, contact me in any of these three methods: The comment section here, my paersonal email which is, or, if you wish to speak to me, phone me at 937 206 9022, I'm on lay-off and pending shoulder surgery, love to have someone to talk to, even if they just gonna be yellin at me!

Anyway, as simply as I can state this, MY reasons for operating this admittedly short-of-top-rank blogs, are as follows;

1. To share classic rock n roll and rock n roll-related items from, say , 1962 -present  give/take, as 1962 was my birth year which means little, but my interest, MY OWN PERSONAL interest in music, usually starts after the Beatles.

2. To share new bands that are submitted to me.....I get a LOT of them, both from guest submittors as well as bands themselves....I listen to these, ususally, or at least carpet-bomb them before I post them, I do so because I think they will be of interest to the audience we have (or haven't) developed here.

3. To share rarities, such as a concert performed the previous night, or any other gems that are like birthday gifts......guest contributors send in most of this type of thing, but I'll say that when I started blog in 2010 or whenever, I think I had about 2000 vinyl albums, 1000 singles, couple hundred cassettes, and around 10-12000 CD's. The CD numbers now are about 25000 (god help me), so I know that the shares have given me more wonderful music than I could listen to damn near in a lifetime, although EVERY day I listen to at least one album I'ave not previously heard.

4. To share non-musical material, which I THINK adds a touch of personality here.....I'ave shared a lot of
literature, comics, artwork, lot of different stuff.......I still have not even begun to scratch the surface of that stuff, so if you like it there is a TON more in the vault.

5. To build, or try to build, a community of people around the globe, who maybe think a LITTLE bit alike.....people whom derive joy from the forgotten art of SHARING things. We were all brought up that way, but so many of us don't seem to recall that. To me, and, (I know) for the members of the team that assists me, is the greatest joy in this type of thing is the thrill we get when someone is genuinely thrilled by something one of us has posted. And the team of helpers I have assembled are the best there are, bar none.

OK, here is is...."Dan" is PERFECTLY welcome here, as is anyone else, as long as they act fairly civilly (Yes, Dan has been "good enough")......please don't get in TOO deep, we're only talking about music sharing, a long and future subject of controversy.....nobody here is curing cancer or anything else even of relevance......a little bit of calling people "petty" or "talentless fuck", is not so bad, let's just avoid stuff like talking about others' families and the like we'll all be fine.

Today's model is Megan Fox, by the way. Thanks for last night sweetie.


  1. Ah Bigscott in the long run none of this shit matters anyway. Don't get me wrong I LOVE THIS SITE seeing as how I've got so much stoner metal from you. I'm just saying that no matter what we post there's always gonna be that one fuck Fuck ELTON CROP OF SHIT just their bullshit alone is enough reason for me to never listen to ETON JOHN. You are right that it's the love of music that keeps us doing this. Shit In the past month I've posted one comp that had 16 volumes and another that had 8. I've been given thanks for my posts but the fucking time I spent to tag all that shit makes me think well there's another eight hours of my life I'll never get back. And besides I get to spout off my comments when I make a post. Anyway keep up the good work and never think it's all for naught. We are the last of the pirates and if others don't like it "as Mick Jones said FUCK EM"

    1. jobe well put, and don't miss Black Moon Circle, great heavy stoner metal

  2. Scott, your manifesto says it all. I'll never be able to express the joy I get from sites like yours - they took the place of the intense friendships I had in college (with music playing a large part in meeting and connecting with people), as we're all separated by space and commitments. I still get a rush when I find something I've been hearing about for years, or a boot by a band I like that I didn't know was out there. I'm still a FAN of all of this, and I greatly appreciate your hard work (and yours too, Jobe!) and those of the other contributors. You keep me going.

  3. Hey Scott,
    I am a longtime follower of this site and a big fan. I am not at all connected to the bands that recently asked you to take their music down, nor do I particularly give a fuck about them. I agree with the goals of this site, and your manifesto. If I have to pick between the pirates who do this work because of the love of the music, and the corporations that are working to find ways to make sure everybody but the artists get paid, I absolutely pick the pirates.

    That said, if a small band doesn't want their music posted here, why rub it in their face? Sure the exposure is great, and I think they fundamentally misunderstand the economics of making music these days, but why waste your time mocking their poor decision? Just delete the post and move on. While I think the bands in question are making a mistake, it is surely within their rights to do so. Artists have so little control over the distribution of their work today, that I oddly respect a band for cutting off their noses to spite etc... why not just lethal go and not bother giving them any more attention, positive or negative?

    This is your site, and I certainly don't mean to come across as a scold, or in anyway ungrateful for the killer work you do. I just think everybody's time could be better spent getting on with the good work, and if bands don't get it, fuck 'em and let them go.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jams.......please be advised that the asswipe "Dan" deleted a bunch of links from this site? Apparently, he feels it is best left up to HIM what I can or cannot, and he uses the word "petty" ? Really?

    2. Hey littleman. you've got a SERIOUS problem. I took you to task for crapping on a band when you didn't have to. You made fun of them then laughed along when your minions called them talentless fucks. Just because they didn't want to be on your blog. it was uncalled for - just like Jams just said. so i'm not alone.

      NOW you're accusing me of killing your links? you're a liar and a jag off.

      Petty? dammed right you are.
      Now you can add paranoid to the list.

      Stop obsessing about me and take care of your fucking blog istead of writing new posts using me as your whipping boy. People have been leaving comments on the Dark Shadows post for a week about the fucked up links that won't open. Is that MY fault too.

      Your last comment to me asked me to come back and keep commenting. Well I wasn't going to, but now that you're lying about me, and looking for a scapegoat, I AM responding. You're full of shit and proving how little you are with everything thing you say.

    3. Thank you for staying around! Your posts are quite popular, my numbers are up a bit since your valuable contributions began, so, again, please don't go ANYWHERE! Thanks for spending as much time here as u obviously do, you seem a bit obsessed with the site but no shit though people love your posts and would be upset if you went anywhere!

    4. hahaha You must have some *impressive* numbers if you can see a difference after a few comments and replies. Guess who's humping Angi these days? hahaha

    5. Guess who's humping Angi these days? hahaha

      Uh, I don't know, who? kinda lives with me and since I'm laid off, she's with me pretty much all the time.....if you say you are banging her, great if she's enjoying herself, but I kind of doubt it......I assume you are Dan's boyfriend or some such, which is fine....don't be a stranger, I LOVE this type of MENSA-level constructive criticism

    6. Hei Scott it surprises me that straight after ou lai down the mission statement, part of which sais don't bring famili into things right awai we get an "anonimouse" douche claiming to be bonking the missus joining in on the Danist hostiliti. Could be Dan & this "anonimouse are the same person. Maibe big Scott, there's a gui on the edge of the life in Real Word/RL who's jealous of ou or slight chance doing ou dirti. Maibe ou should be a just a little bit paranoid as after all "Just becoz ou're paranoid, don't mean thei're not after ou" Perhaps ou recognise the song line? But if this particular anonimouse is not Dan itself, then it is more close to minionhood than the readership here referred to as minions bi The Great & Magnificent Dan, The Wizard of Odd, The Emperor who Has No Clothes.

  4. Love you man and your site.

    1. omg the danster troll just don't quit.
      @ Lieut. Dan I don't think Jams Runt is on exactli the same page as ou. There is a difference between mild critique/criticism and outright hostiliti. First the unfair characterisation of "petti" now "littleman" It seems to me as an observer that it is a case of "Pot calls Kettle black" the wai i see it ou are the vindictive, petti littleman here.

      I resent being called a minion. I'm a henchman lol. No, but seriousli I've benefited from the great work done here bai Big Scott & I'm a fan of the site, sure! I'm no stooge though. First ou insult Scott and then ou insult the readership. I reserve judgement on the killing of links as light on info re. A new insult "paranoid" & as far as I see no personal insults against ou bai BigScott as et.

      Big Scott ain't using ou a whipping boi ou made ourself one though bai the bitchiness ou've espoused and the moronic imbecilism displaied. How's that for an insult? The veri claim evinces "pot calls kettle black" again. ou seem like the paranoid one off the back of this rant.The new post wasn't about ou, ou overinflated puff-bag of self-involved buffooneri, it was about the mission statement/objectives/purpose of this blog.

      As for obsessing once again "PcKb". As an observer ou seem more the obsessed one with the continued hostilities here.

      i don't know wtf Dark Shadows is but it sounds like the home of mice who won't squeak up directli. Ani issue with link trouble that is sent in comments seems to get quick response & a rhetorical "blame me?" for supposed complaints at some other website is hiperbolic naci-ism as no such blame has ever been directed. A 'scapegoat' Realli? What exactli are ou being scapegoated for? I'm not sure ou realli understand the meaning of that word.

      Now, if ou call someone a liar then it's on ou to prove the lie else it's slander/libel.

      Once again mate, ironicalli it's ou with PcKb-ism that ou are the one full of shit & little man sindrome.

      @Jams Runt I get where ou're coming from re bands/artists not having the thing rubbed in their face but I think that if someone is wrong or stupid like that it is fair to call them out on it.

    2. "nanci-ism" not "nazi-ism. I've got letters dropping out on me left & right. Laptop is dieing. Hence funni spelling lol.