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Monday, December 19, 2016

Post-Pop Depression

Iggy Pop is one of the more iconic humans on this particular blog, we've had TONS of his stuff, tributes, live stuff, rarities, Stooges cover projects, etc......well, truth be told, I've never been all THAT crazy about his post-Stooges catalogue, although certainly I could find something worse to listen to.....what we have here is a live 2016 recording of the Ig from his self-proclaimed final tour......AND it's good (I wasn't going to post it, I thought, until I listened).....quite energetic, quite rocking, and all of the Iggy fans here would kill me if I skipped this particular, the opening "Lust For Life" is pretty high energy, and the rest of it is more listenable than just a normal nostalgia ya go Iggy fans, Merry Christmas!

Oh, by the way, another fantastic submission from the hard working John N.

DISC 1-01 Lust For Life/02 Sister Midnight/03 American Valhalla/04 Sixteen/05 In the Lobby/06 Some Weird Sin/07 Funtime/08 Tonight/09 Sunday

DISC 2-01 German Days/02 Mass Production/03 Nightclubbing/04 Gardenia/05 The Passenger/06 China Girl/07 Break Into Your Heart/08 Fall In Love With Me/09 Repo Man/10 Baby/11 Chocolate Drops/12 Paraguay/13 Success


  1. part 1

    part 2

  2. Something wrong with the links John?

  3. Looks like Dan Petty has taken out all your links! Merry Xmas

    1. Which is more "petty"?.....being asked to remove a link and doing so promptly, or, removing links just to be a fuckwad? You be the judge

    2. more bullshit littleman!!!

      You actually believe your own lies, don't you?

      Here's the question you should ask

      Which is more "petty"?.... being asked to remove a link and doing so promptly -----THEN writing a special post to make fun of the band, then repeating and laughing about them being talentless fucks, then accusing the guy who called you out for it as being part of the band, then writing about him for days, then accusing him of killing your links WITHOUT ANY POSSIBLE EVIDENCE?

      NOW that all the facts are here... you be the judge

      i won't hold my breath waiting for an apology, you're not capable because you're the type that's never wrong.

    3. "Facts" LOL..PLEASE never leave here, you are one of the best commentators EVER

    4. Look, Zeke, if you have an issue with me, I havae been a MAN about it and given you my email addy as WELL AS MY PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER (!) in case you wanted to discuss your "issue" with me LIKE A MAN, which I doubt, please, please whatever you do: If you think I am "afraid of" YOU or some such nonsense, call me up and tell me all about it, how you can beat me up and how I'm really not so "Big" after all (I was named BigScott LONG before the blog, before my gastric bypass in 2008, I was 6'4"/370......since the bypass i have lost 100+ pounds, but you'd REALLY be foolish to think I was "little" (?) problem for me, I just love people who are ALL MOUTH and hide behind a keyboard (ie, Dan), when you have been given all the info you need to get a hold of me and "kick my ass" or whatever you think you can do.....bring it live, man, I KNOW you won't, but I don't doubt you'll make some idiotic internet-tough-guy kind of threats

  4. Hi I wasn't claiming agency or anything, just pointing out that all your links seem to be down and also wishing you a merry Xmas or happy holiday or whatever in gratitude for all the music and comix/art especially the Cars who I always thought were a joke band before listening