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Thursday, December 1, 2016

More of those Cliff Notes

Doctor Alimantado-House of Singles

Doctor Alimantado's first collection of classic deejay 45's Best Dressed Chicken In Town remains one of the essential reggae albums and is an absolute must for any record collection.  This was the first album that I sent our man Scott so it may still be knocking about and live, well worth seeing if it is.  House of Singles was another collection of gems that came from his back catalogue including some of his earliest recordings such as No Gwaan So, Maccabee the Third, Chu and Revenge.  Those with a fondness for deejays of the seventies are strongly advised to investigate.

Tracklisitng: 1.  No Gwan Soh 2. Maccabee The Third  (Rastafari Verses Now) 3. Blessed Is That Land Africa 4. Chapter Of My Heart (Let Love Be Free) 5. Mary Lou 6. Ride On Brother 7. Chu (Americ In Schools) 8. One Trouble 9. Teach the Children 10. Teaching the Teacher 11. Revenge 12. Conscious Man 13. West Man Skank 14. Dread Natty Dread 15. Rasta Train (Step In Outa Babylon) 16. Reggae Music (Dis A)


Carlton Livingston-Soweto

Carlton Livingston's Soweto is one helluva fine roots rock LP over hard Riddims.  Carlton Livingston is one of the many great singers from Jamaica whose undoubted talents that have frequently been overlooked. On this set produced by Livingston & Leon Synomie he shows his interest in life songs.  'Soweto' the title track being just one fine example.

Tracklisting: 01-Soweto 02-The Wickeds 03-Rich Man Poor Man 04-Girl I Love You So 05- Red Eyed People 06-Class of 69 07-Tribute to Bobby 08-Children on the Mountain Top 09-Living As a Poor Man


John Holt-John Holt Like a Bolt (Classic Rock Steady and Reggae 1968-73)

This is basically Holt's 1973 album Like a Bolt with bonus tracks added.  Like a Bolt is covered by Tracks 1-12.

John Holt was a reggae singer and songwriter who first found fame as a member of the Paragons before establishing himself as a solo artist. A gifted songwriter possessed with one of the sweetest voices in reggae. Amongst the songs he wrote was "The Tide Is High" ruined in later years by Blondie. On an island renowned for its superb vocalists and composers, John Holt remains head and shoulders above the rest as one of Jamaica's sweetest singers and songwriters.  Holt's style, notably, slower and more romantic than most of his contemporaries, is a recognizable forerunner of the lovers rock sub genre. The album includes Ali Baba which in my opinion is one of the best 45's of any genre

Tracklist: 1. I'm the One to Be Blamed  2. Tonight (Feat. Joy Landis) 3. Write Me a Letter 4. I'm Your Man 5. Ali Baba 6. I'll Be Lonely  7. I See Your Face  8. Closer to Me 9. I'm Coming Home  10. Time and the River  11. Have You Ever Been to Heaven 12. Let's Build Our Dreams (Feat. The Heptones) 13. All My Life 14. Thief in the Night (Stealing Stealing) 15. Darling I Love You  16. What You Gonna Do Now 17. Working Kind (Cholin' Kind) Sister Big Stuff (Mr. Big Stuff)


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