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Thursday, December 8, 2016

More Clash boots from Lewdd!

In all seriousness, could this possibly be the most comprehensive set of Clash boots ever assembled in one
place? I mean, I assume it's not, there is probably some web site dedicated to Clash boots that has more, but my God, there is a lot in this collection. I already had a bunch of em, but there's a lot here I didn't have, also, and hell, it IS the of the greats. Remember, Lewdd has warned us ahead of time that the sound quality will vary on these, as he keeps them for archival value, some sound like gold, some, well, don't, but they all serve a purpose.......and there are still a BUNCH more to come, and after that, Lewdd has comprehensive stacks of Misfits, Jam, and Pistols shows as well that we will be digging thanks Lewdd, I'm happy to be allowed to be a part of this project, "The Great 'Share-the-Clash-boots' Project"......and here are todays selections!

9/26/79 O'KEEFE CENTER TORONTO-01 Safe European Home/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 London Calling/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Brand New Cadillac/06 White Man in Hammersmith Palais/07 Capitol Radio/08 English Civil War/09 Koka Kola/10 I Fought the Law/11 Clampdown/12 Wrong Em Boyo/13 Guns of Brixton/14 Stay Free/15 Clash City Rockers/16 Police & Thieves/17 Complete Control/18 Janie Jones/19 Garageland/20 Armagideon Time/21 Career Opportunites/22 White Riot

1979 LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM NEW YORK CITY-01 Safe European Home/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 Complete Control/04 London Calling/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Koka Kola/07 I Fought the Law/08 The Guns of Brixton/09 English Civil War/10 Clash City Rockers/11 Stay Free/12 Clampdown/13 Police & Thieves/14 Capitol Radio/15 Tommy Gun/16 Wrong em Boyo/17 Janie Jones/18 Garageland/19 Armagedeon Time/20 Career Opportunities/21 What's My Name/22 White Riot/23 Police & Thieves (Different Source)

1979 NOTRE DAME HALL-01 Clash City Rockers/02 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/03 Safe
European Home/04 I'm Not Down/05 Death or Glory/06 I Fought the Law/07 London Calling/08 Rudie Can't Fail/09 City of the Dead/10 Hateful/11 Stay Free/12 Capitol Radio/13 Janie Jones/14 Hate & War/15 English Civil War/16 London's Burning/17 Complete Control/18 What's My name

1/3/79 FLASH BASTARDS LONDON LYCEUM-01 Safe European Home/02 I Fought the Law/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 City of the Dead/06 Clash City Rockers/07 Tommy Gun/08 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/09 English Civil War/10 Stay Free/11 Cheapskates/12 Julie's In the Drug Squad/14 Capitol Radio/15 Janie Jones/16 Garageland/17 Complete Control/18 London's Burning/19 White Riot

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