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Monday, December 12, 2016

My Vitriol (Secret Session)

John N sent me this one a while back, don't think I've ever put it up, but I certainly should have, my error.....My Vitriol were a UK alternapop/shoegaze type of band ca. early 00's. They had a good album ("Finelines", in 2001, which I though I had buta can't find), and sort of faded away......this "Secret Session" is loaded with both great rocking pop of the era, PLUS the real roots of the current psych-shoegaze stuff that I currently praise so much.....good one to listen to, rocking and unique. I recommend, and thanks to John N even if belated, this is a good one.

SECRET SESSIONS-01 We've Lost Our Way/02 It's So Damn Easy/03 If Only....(God Only Knows)/04 (All These) Days/05 Rest Your Tired Head/06 London City Lights/07 The Agonies and the Ecstacies/08 Lord Knows How I've Tried/09 This Time/10 Nightcall

Good submission, good album. Anybody got "Fineline" or are you gonna make me dig out MY copy?

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