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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Courtney Love

I LOVE Hole, one of my faves.....I did a BIG post on them long ago, thinking of breaking it out again,a but
in the meantime, I have a couple of things to say about Courtney Love......obviously her best work was with Hole, "Live Through This" is a 1990's 5-star classic.....but I want to speak in defense of "America's Sweetheart", which I think was the best album of the year (whatever year that was, 2004? or so)......Courtney has repeatedly dissed the album, I think it is a 4.5 star classic as's a tremendous album, a portrait of a life in turmoil, in particular the song "All the Drugs" (sample lyric: "All of my money, all of my love, all of my money......doesn't feel as good.........AS THE DRUGS".......) great song, I love iat, iat's desperate and heartfelt....also on the album, a way cool stalker anthem ("But Julian I'm a Little Bit Older Than You"), and my personal fave "Zeppelin  Song", which sums up a sad life with a lot of Led Zeppelin references, GREAT song IMO......lots more on this album too, sorry Courtney didn't like it so much, but I find it to be a stone cold 00's classic.

Also included is the early version on of "Nobody's Daughter"......not a great album, but has a moment or two........stay tuned, in the next week or 2 I'll have some great Hole boots, also some stuff like Ms Love drunk on someone's answering machine, and her loopy speech at Kurt's some of the best music of the era as Hole were a simply phenominal live The Columbus Agora many years ago, Ms Love stage-dived into the crowd and I got to touch that magnificent ass.......for which I am grateful as fuck.

AMERICAS SWEETHEART-01 Mono/02 But Julian, I'm a Little Bit Older Than You/03 Hold Onto Me/04 Sunset Strip/05 All the Drugs/06 Almost Golden/07 I'll Do Anything/08 Uncool/09 Life Despite God/10 Hello/11 Zeplin Song/12 Never Gonna Be the Same

NOBODYS DAUGHTER EARLY VERSION-01 Pacific Coast Highway/02 For Once In Your Life/03 Letter to God/04 Stand Up Moatherfucker/05 Loser Dust/06 Dirty Girls/07 Never Go Home Alone/08 Nobody's Daughter/09 Happy Ending Story/10 Car Crash/11 Sunset Marquis (Piano Version)/12 Samanatha (Demo)

MORE Courtney/Hoale to come, of my fave bands, and one of the great 90's live will see soon!

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